Cartoon Network and Bitstrips Anti-Bully Challenge

I think every kid, at least once, tries to make a comic book.  Cartoon Network used this childhood past time to issue a challenge to all kids.  In the Fall of 2011, the “Stop Bullying: Speak Up Comic Challenge” began. The main page reads “Bullying is everyone’s problem, and it is up to us to SPEAK UP and do something about it.”

Even kids who can’t draw can enter by creating their own avatar and remixing a set of cartoon panels to create their own solutions to common schoolyard problems. Every week the best comic is posted as the main page comic.

Students have a huge impact in the bullying of others when they speak up about when it happens.  Until now, they have had little input in the way bullying gets handled, even though they are the ones being bullied or watching it happen.  Oftentimes, they don’t know what to do, or how to handle things.  This campaign serves not only as an educational tool, but allows kids to think up solutions in a fun and creative way.

Bitstrips CEO Jacob Blackstock tells Education News:

By introducing the subject through comics—a format kids love—we hope to really get them talking and thinking critically about what they can do to reduce bullying at school and in their social lives. We think that this initiative could be the start of something very big in that respect.

More than 100,000 visitors and a million page views have logged in since the launch in October, which was National Bullying Prevention Month.  Cartoon Network has committed to place all the best cartoons into a downloadable anthology for educators and administrators to use in the classroom.

Originally, the campaign was only to run through the end of November 2011, but as of this writing, it is still going on.


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Pankaj Y.
Pankaj Y.2 years ago

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Jacksoneric J.
Jacksoneric J.3 years ago

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roxane connor
Roxane Connor6 years ago

It gives kids an outlet and a voice.

Joe R.
Joe R6 years ago

The more attempts out there to reach kids on this topic the better. Thanks.

Sam M.
Sam E M6 years ago

Bullying seems to have increased so much over latter years that this can only be a good idea. I say 'well done' to whoever thought of it.

Diana W.
Diana W6 years ago

Well, at least it's a start. When I was a kid, nobody even wanted to talk about bullying. School officials would do nothing...or worse. If you were caught defending yourself, you got suspended along with the bully. Maybe comics don't seem like much, at least it's something.

colleen p.
colleen p6 years ago

Hannah S. that is why they are fiction. people like clear-cut black/white/good/evil. they don't want a "blue and orange" morality, or a grey and greyer one.

plus, this is care2! where everything should be easy and clear cut! simple simple, toddler like fantasy thinking. "wouuhouu iff we r fwiends no moar fwighting", everyone says "how cute" shakes hands and the world is in utopia. or "when we all stop eating meat, the world will be healed! no wars, less pollution, no abortions and rape and bad things, here have a mangled quote you don't care about"

villans are villans for reasons. evil might have reason for evil.

in neo fiction to classic mythology and religion. these guys aren't going to make cry baby petitions to heal the world. they won't peace talk baddies with death rays or put a harmless net on a bank robber.

ah, well. you'll be on my side if i want to take over the world right?

love for the villan. love, respect and fear.

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KS Goh6 years ago

Thanks for the article.

dani r.
dani r.6 years ago

thank you

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