Casey Anthony Acquitted of Murder, Manslaughter and Child Abuse


Casey Anthony, accused of murdering her two-year old daughter, was acquitted today of that charge but convicted on 4 counts of lying to law enforcement officers, in what commentators termed “a stunning rejection of the prosecution’s case.”


Photo by State of Florida via Wikimedia


Pam Burton
Pam Burton6 years ago

I see she is "doing" youtube videos etc....2 questions...#1.Would you trust her as YOUR childrens babysitter?.....#2.Would you want her as MOTHER to your Grandchild?...I just hope her Lawyers WIFE doesn't eat or drink anything Casey prepares...

Willetta S.
Willetta s6 years ago



Steve K.
Steve K6 years ago

This is/was a muddy case and that's why the charges failed to stick; Also when the media gets involved and people like Nancy Grace turn it into a circus. I can see why a jury didn't convict her of muddy charges. Now hopefully she will use the break she got to defy public opinion and do the right thing and stay out of trouble. It's a sad case b ut she has a second chance so she should just take it.

Dana W.
Dana W6 years ago

Casey Anthony may or may not be guilty of involvement in the death of her toddler; but I find it highly suspicious that she waited a month after her daughter disappeared to tell her parents. I assume she was close to them, or at least in contact if her mom was babysitting. I can't imagine one of my children disappearing and not even notifying family members.

I find it disturbing that Casey doesn't show much emotion or is shown smiling by the media. Caylee died several years ago so perhaps she has mourned and moved on, but the recentcy of her trial means that America still grieves for the beautiful little life that ended tragically much too soon.

Caryn Boyd
.6 years ago

Another very sad case

Miranda Lyon
Miranda Lyon6 years ago

What do people get out of connecting emotionally to sensationalized cases like this?

Akin Adelakun
Akin Adelakun6 years ago

Thanks for the info.

Chavonne Harvey
Chavonne H6 years ago

I understand why she wasn't convicted but what I don't understand is why she wasn't tried for child abuse and neglect by admittingly leaving her 2 year old daughter out there kidnapped without notifying the authorities. That should be a crime right there.

Liz Simpson
Lizbeth Simpson6 years ago

Just wait for it people, she's bound to go "O.J.". It may not be right away but she WILL wind up in the news again for doing something else incredibly studpid, illegal etc. She's keep her nose clean for awhile but as we've seen before, the arrogant will always deliver on their reckless behavior.

Judith Corrigan
Judith Corrigan6 years ago

I read that one of the jurors voted not guilty because of lack of evidence not because she believed that Casey Anthony was innocent.The fault is therefore with the prosecuters for not gathering enough evidence before prosecuting.