“Cash Cow” Prized Puppy Gets Undercover Rescue

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Written byCathy McCarthyof North Carolina

Two years ago, I had the privilege of playing a small part in the rescue of a very special dog. Neejee, which means friend in the Ojibwa language, is a rare breed called thePeruvian Inca Orchid. These dogs are reputed to be healers in the Native world who have special powers that cheer your heart when you feel down. They are hairless mutations and must be carefully bred to be healthy.

Neejee’s story starts when his former owner put him up for sale on Craigslist. Neejee was a male puppy worth a lot of money to anyone devious enough to run a puppy mill. As a non-altered rare breed, he represented a cash cow. He was in danger of spending his life in a small cage populating the USA with dogs that would be unhealthy and probably so badly mutated that their short lives would be nothing but suffering and pain.

Luckily, a woman who rescues whippets saw the ad and decided to buy him undercover. This is where I enter the picture. As a person of native background, and the grandaughter of a Mide-healer in the Ojibwa tradition, I knew someday one would come my way. I did not want to buy one from a breeder as I would not encourage the breeding of these delicate angels. I read a notice about Neejee in the rescue pages. The whippet rescuer would not let Neejee go with just anyone because of his special needs and was keen to find a home that included another dog (Neejee is very pack-oriented and insecure.) She was also looking for someone who would keep him warm in the winter and keep him protected from sunburn in the summer.

I Drove36 Hours RoundtripTo Save Him the Trauma of the Airplane Flight

After much back and forth, the rescuer consented to letting me have him. My husband drove me 18 hours one way to pick him up as a plane ride would have traumatized him. He was hesitant but very playful when I first met him. He hated leaving his buddies at the rescue but consented to the long drive home.

What a difference a rescuer can make. Each of us has the power to save a life.

Two years later, Neejee is a delight. He spends his day with my Maquis, my other rescue dog (an Aussie shepherd mix). I am careful to tend to his need for warmth and a peaceful setting. He truly is a healer as he naturally cuddles close with his warm body to soothe my arthritic legs and gives unconditional support when I am feeling blue.

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thanks for the article.

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Thank you for sharing this great Neejee’s story Laura. Kudos for The Great Animal Rescue Chase.

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Thank you for helping him!

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Not sure what agenda Claire J has. Apparently she is an uninformed person who doesn't know the horrors of puppy mills. There are thousands of dogs who do not have a home, why breed one to make more? I am happy this lovely dog found a home that he will not be subjected to the life of a puppy mill. And who cares if it is a "reputable" breeder? For every one puppy that goes to a good home, there are a thousand who do not.

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Sweet story, Thanks.