Cat “Cried Like a Child” During Fire: Meet The People Who Saved Her

Baby is one of the luckiest cats in America today. A week ago she was home alone when a fire broke out in her Queen Creek, Arizona home. But thanks to first responders and the goodwill of a local veterinary clinic, this once-lifeless cat is now breathing easy.

Colin Williams of Rural Metro Fire explained that Baby’s cries alerted them to her presence in the house.

“The deputy heard what he thought were kids crying in the house, but it turned out to be the cat,” Colin explained.

Those cries were extremely helpful in informing firefighters that there was indeed life in the house, but when they reached 6-year-old Baby, she was nearly gone.

“She was dead weight,” Colin continued. “There weren’t a whole lot of positive signs of survival.”

Along Came a Tool That Would Save Her Life

In fact, when Baby was pulled from the house, she was limp with foam coming out of her mouth. But Southwest Ambulance paramedic Shane Collette who had revived other cats following house fires, wanted to try. He deployed the pet oxygen mask and began reviving Baby, assisiting her breathing for about 15 minutes in total.

A pet oxygen mask could save the life of your pet in the event of a fire. Most deparments rely on donations for this equipment.

“After it started getting the oxygen through the cat was really responsive and didn’t want to go away,” Shane said.

No one was home at the time of the fire, but neighbors stepped in to care for Baby until homeowner Cory Vanhoozer got home.

Baby is Alive Because of the Generosity of the Local Veterinary Clinic

The oxygen mask that saved Baby’s life was a holiday gift from the Johnson Ranch Animal Clinic.

“Our staff, instead of doing a gift exchange, decided to pool their money and purchase these kits for the fire department,”explains Dr. Marc Schmidt.

Veterinary staff present the pet oxygen masks to the fire department

A set of three pet oxygen masks (small, medium and large) can be purchased for as little as $100. More information here on how to purchase masks for your town as well as training tools for first responders in your area.

Brought to you by the Harmony Fund international animal rescue charity.

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