Cat House on the Kings: Cage Free Cat Sanctuary

Lynea Lattanzio is a remarkable woman.  She founded and runs a unique sanctuary – primarily for cats – but also takes in dogs and other animals.  This includes a couple of goats who keep their cost down by acting as lawn mowers for the property.

The Cat House on the Kings (CHK) is located in Parlier, California.  It’s a bucolic setting on 12 acres of land facing the Kings River.  It’s the kind of place that makes you want to pack up and move on in!  Be forewarned — the 4,200 square foot, five bedroom house is entirely occupied — by cats!

Rescuer or Hoarder?

With a daily census of about 700 cats, you may think Lattanzio must be a hoarder.  You know — that stereotype of a “crazy cat lady?”  But that does not appear to be the case.  I’m told there is no cat smell.

How does she do it?  The simple answer is no carpeting and floors mopped daily with bleach!  In reality, it’s a lot more than that. Aside from the 50 inside litter pans, the yard — about 1.5 acres — is swept daily!

About the Sanctuary

There is a house for HIV positive cats and a separate house for seniors.  There is also an ICU on the property where medical care is provided.  Kitten quarters and a pasture project grace the landscape, as well.  There are 12 feeding stations on the grounds so all the animals can eat when and where they desire.

With 22 employees — mostly part-time — and over 50 volunteers, Lattanzio keeps her mission of love rolling like a locomotive on schedule!   Through the years, CHK has helped rescue over 19,000 cats and 5,000 dogs, as well as a number of other animals and wildlife. 
Lattanzio told me CHK pulls about 2,000 animals per year from the Central California SPCA.  “The local shelter, CCSPCA, kills about 50,000 animals A YEAR!” says Lattanzio.  So, the lives CHK saves merely scratches the surface (pardon the pun.)

CHK is primarily an adoption center and a no-kill sanctuary.  In the 19 years of its existence and growth, CHK has become a knowledgeable resource for anyone looking for information about cats or looking to adopt or surrender a cat.  Low-cost spay and neuter services, as well as long and short term boarding, are also available.

Original Approach

A novel idea CHK uses is to do exchanges with other rescue groups.  For example, if there is a less than adoptable pet due to medical issues, age or behavior problems, CHK will take in that pet in exchange for the group taking five highly adoptable pets — or five litters of kittens.  All pets are guaranteed for health and temperament by CHK.  This plan achieves more adoptions statewide and ensures the “problem pets” a permanent home to live out their lives with dignity, love and respect.

Lattanzio believes cats should roam free.  They should be allowed their natural inclination to climb a tree and move about at will.  That’s why there are no cages at CHK.  Special fencing is used to keep the kitties safe.  There is a 6 foot chain link fence with a 4 foot overhang of chicken wire.  There is also chicken wire buried below the fence to prevent animals from digging – in or out!


During the formative years, Lattanzio funded CHK mostly with her own retirement money.  In 2002, CHK was awarded a 501(c) 3 status and the organization now depends entirely upon donations. She has no regrets in deciding to share her life with all these animals.  “This means I won’t be able to retire EVER!” she said, and added, “Not to worry, I like what I do.”

“Our annual operating expenses is about $400,000 and going up,” Lattanzio told me in an email.  “The medical care, food, litter and payroll can only go up.  That is why we really are looking forward to the publicity the MUST LOVE CATS series on Animal Planet will bring.” 

Watch CHK on Animal Planet!

On February 12 at 8:00 p.m., Animal Planet will feature CHK on their new show Must Love Cats.  So set a reminder to watch this very novel and unique approach to homeless cats in the U.S.

And take a look around the website.  There is a live cam where you can watch cats coming and going at whim.  And this page gives an aerial view with a description of each building.

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A cat named Seven awaits adoption at CHK photo used with permission of Lynea Lattanzio


Michael F
Michael Fabout a month ago

Thank You for Sharing This !!!

Duane B.
.5 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

Betty Schueler
Betty Schueler6 years ago

I guess PETA and the ASPCA will be targeting this sanctuary next. They really hate no-kill sanctuaries. You can bet at least one of her volunteers is a PETA spy.

Anne Khan
Anne khan7 years ago

I loudly applaud you Lynea ~ your so much more than a star. Lucky cats who have you on their side and all the help you have put in to keep your sanctuary up and running and a safe adventurous place for all the poor abandoned cats to live out their lives happily and safely . . .

Suze O.
Suze Q7 years ago

This is a woman after my own heart, You had the guts and gumption to do it--great job!

Fatimah Zainal
Fatimah Zainah7 years ago

Last week I have about 37 cats, about four days ago, one have to be put to sleep due too kidney problem which the doctor said cannot be cured. My husband and I talked about it before agreeing to put her to sleep. I cried a lot every one of my cats died. I wish I had to money, the strength, the place to do what Lynea Lattanzio do. I wish I can do the same. I wish I can help all the strays that I see everyday on my way to work or going home.

Rebecca L.
Rebecca L7 years ago

I wish I had the nerve to do something like this. We are lucky there are people who take risks and make sacrifices. Thanks for sharing the story.

Edith B.
Edith B7 years ago

The Animal Rescue Site is currently holding a contest for one shelter to receive a large sum of money. Please go on there and vote for The Cat House on the Kings.

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Susanna l8 years ago

heart feels warm, tears too, thank you!

jilaina w.
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Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are a cat angel!