Cat Survives 4-Hour Trip On Car’s Engine

It happened on Sunday, December 18.

Around 4 pm, Wayne Polk started driving his Eclipse truck through Ohio from Xenia to Cleveland on a business trip.

After about 200 miles and four hours, he stopped at a rest area and smelled something suspicious coming from the engine.

Polk Opened The Hood To Find A Large Cat On The Engine Compartment

When he opened his hood, he found a large black and white cat sitting on the engine compartment with the right side of his body singed. Polk has no idea how the feline ended up there, or where he came from.

The cat, whom they have named Eclipse, was taken to an animal hospital in nearby Lodi where a veterinarian said he was going to be fine.

Some Major Singeing Of His Coat

From The Daily Mail:

Medina SPCA Rescue Tech Mike Bombaris told Fox: ‘When I got there, the cat was a large cat, and I’m looking at this little small Eclipse that he was in and I just said how did you get in there.’

Dr Randall (of Cloverleaf Animal Hospital) said: ‘He’s a good cat, and as you can see he’s feeling pretty good, he has some major singeing of his coat, and he also has some burns.

‘We’re going to sedate him, and we’re going to debride his wounds, in other words remove any dead tissue that is there. I just can’t even imagine what that four hours must of been like for him.’

Cats Should Be More Careful Where They Take Shelter

The SPCA are now trying to locate the feline’s owner.

We know cats like to take shelter in warm, restricted places, so maybe we should all check under the hoods of our cars before driving, especially when it’s cold! And yes, cats do have nine lives.

You can watch video of Eclipse by clicking here.

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Photo Credit: George D. Thompson


W. C
W. C15 days ago


William C
William C16 days ago

Thank you for caring.

Berenice Guedes de Sá

Thanks for sharing! I'm glad he is ok!

Eternal Gardener
Eternal G6 years ago

What a shock that must've been, for both, hopefully puss has learnt a lesson!

Waltraud U.
Waltraud U6 years ago

Thank you for "happyend"-story !
I need to read them.

SeattleAnn S.
Ann S6 years ago

I have heard of cats hanging out in car engines many times. I've never witnessed it myself. Thanks for opening the hood and rescuing the cat. The name eclipse is so perfect for the black and white cat, but what a coincidence that your car was also an Eclipse!

Shin Takahashi
Shin Takahashi6 years ago

Thank you for the post.As of cat lover, I wish any cat won't have any trouble on the world.Cheers

Katherine Wright
Katherine Wright6 years ago

I truly hope and pray that this kitty's rightful owner comes forward or a forever home can be found for him. After what he went through he deserves a good home.

Carrie Anne Brown

thanks for sharing, glad his ok :)

Cindy B.
Cindy B6 years ago

GOOD GRIEF GERTRUDE. "Just sitting" on the engine, singed? I am trying to picture that! Most any kitty would have leapt around, most likely to his great detriment. A miracle! By the way, that black and white kitty looks exactly like my Bandit (sigh!) .