10 Videos to Show Why We’re Sad ‘In The Life’ is Ending

In The Life Media, the flagship LGBT media group that since 1992 has helped raise the profile of LGBT rights and LGBT people through its In The Life series, has announced that in December it will release its last episode as it prepares to embark on a new direction.

In its press release announcing this sad and, at the same time, exciting news, the organization says “Creating high quality, in-depth journalism is expensive.”  True, but In The Life Media’s contribution to our discourse has been priceless. To celebrate that, here are 10 In The Life episodes that have offered rare insights and startling facts about the LGBT movement and its causes:

1) Profiling Edie Windsor, the 83-Year-Old Taking on DOMA


2) Becoming Me – Eight families with transgender and gender non-conforming children ranging in ages from 5 to 25 share their stories in this engaging episode that takes a look into trans identity and what it means to be the parent of a trans child.


3) Rose v. Cahee: HIV Discrimination in Medical Care — In The Life media profiles Melody Rose’s legal fight after she was denied medical care for gallbladder disease simply because she is HIV positive.


4) Exporting Hate — In this episode In The Life catalogs the American religious right’s involvement in the Uganda “Kill the Gays” bill.


5) Bisexuality: The Myths and Medical Truths — Research has shown that bisexual women suffer disproportionately poor health. In The Life examines this issue and highlights what the state of Massachusetts has done to try and tackle the problem.


6) Ashley Yang, a Trans TSA Worker — This episode highlights one woman’s struggle to fight the prejudice she faced at work, resulting in what many consider a highly significant court ruling in her favor.


7) Aging in a Safe Environment — In The Life takes a look at the push to ensure our LGBT elders receive the safe and inclusive care that they deserve, something that continues to be a real concern for the LGBT community.


8) State of the Movement – This episode has a look back at the Stonewall Riots and some of the significant landmarks since that time:


9) A Conversation With Isis King and Janet Mock — America’s Next Top Model’s breakout transgender contestant Isis King and People.com staff editor Janet Mock have a conversation about the representation of transgender people in media at a time when seeing trans people on television in non-stereotypical ways is still rare.


10) A Day in Our Shoes – Homeless LGBT Youth — LGBT youth face a disproportionately high risk of homelessness due to parent rejection and prejudice. In The Life follows one young person for a day to show what life is really like if you’re a homeless LGBT teen.


You can find more exceptional In The Life content here. And, lastly, a huge thank you to In The Life Media for their work to enlighten and educate, and we look forward to when In The Life Media opens its archives so we can see more of its amazing coverage.

To learn more about In The Life Media, go to their website here.


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All things must end. that is the nature of life!

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I had never heard of the show but am really glad I watched these videos, thank you. Very powerful! Maybe if more people watched these videos and understood, there would be less hate and ignorance.

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Hard to imagine tv life without this amazing show. Just another reason to not turn it on.

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