Funny Mr. Coal Guy Ads By Sierra Club

The Sierra Club unveiled two new ads this week aiming their focus on the lies of big coal companies much like the Truth campaign did on big tobacco.

Environmentalist have won more than a few battles over the last couple years against coal power plants. I recently wrote about the inspiration of Chicago’s ten year battle to close two of them. Beyond Coal campaign has pushed 106 of the country’s aging coal-fired power plants into retirement (or to set a retirement date), since 2010 says the Sierra Club.

“The ads may be funny, but the effects of coal pollution are not,” said Mary Anne Hitt, Director of the Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal campaign. “Coal is dirty, outdated, and bad for our kids’ health. Coal is a 19th century fuel that is making our country sick and getting in the way of a prosperous future and clean energy jobs.”

Thus far the organization released two ads using iconic 80′s TV personalities and shows.

What do you think — funny? Effective?

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KS G5 years ago

Thanks for the article.

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Jennifer C.
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Thanks for sharing.

Duane B.
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Hopefully these messages will help make people think more about the environment.

DORIS L5 years ago

Isn't it the truth?

Lydia Price

This was great! The only way to make people stand up and increase awareness is really through entertainment it seems. Very good job.

Glenn M.
Glenn Meyer5 years ago

The Solyndra collapse was caused by the production of cheap solar panels in mass quantities by China. Solyndra could not compete. Obviously, the Chinese were able to do all this with communist government subsidies for such technology, something that could never occur in this country because of corporate corruption of our government and deliberate stagnation of green energy by huge oil, coal and nuclear corporate influence. See, Solar Panels Start to Outshine Mirrors, Bloomberg Businessweek, October 17-23, 2011

It took an end run by a foreign government to do what was in our best interests to do.

Ian Fletcher
Ian Fletcher5 years ago

I'm a socialist, I believe in workers' rights and defend them always against capitalist's stingy plutocracy. I live in constant struggle for worker's pension rights and healthcare subsidies aswell. Jesus, Dickens, Andersen, Marx,Orwell and hundreds more show me that Keynesian economic policies go in the right direction.
One must respect environmental and health issues too though. On top of that sustainability is a growing sine quae non factor which will govern politics for centuries to come. No more fossil fuels! They are a limited energy source, they cannot be recovered. We can't just burn 'em all up in a few generations and that's that.. No.
Only renewable energy sources please!