Hurricane Sandy: Share Your Stories — What Happened to YOU?

Sandy-related  building collapse on Manhattan’s 8th Ave between 14th/15th. No injuries.

Help Care2 members imagine waiting for and living through Sandy.  Tell us your stories.  Also – if you share or send us (safely taken and non-copyrighted) photos we’ll build a series of slide shows so we can share them.  Send to


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Tim P2 years ago

I have a petition for this and to make it more affordable. It's on those 2 links...

Tim Paich
Tim P4 years ago

This petition needs a million signatures in total. Taking action on reshaping the world could help get the power lines in the ground on the East Coast. Many of you people on here could join my group.

Reshaping the World Links with sites for the petition

This is for the thing on

Reshaping the World Petition

Pledge to Reshaping the World

Here’s the group to it all…

Tim Paich
Tim P5 years ago

I lived in New Jersey all my life. We could have petitions for power lines in the grounds on here along with prices to get lowered for it in the United States and other countries in the world that need wires in the ground instead of on polls. I would be willing to sign those petitions. I think these days there's a lack of confidence and faith in petitions.

Sarah W.
Sarah W5 years ago

I was on holiday in NY & PA for sandy & following snowstorm. Had a few inconveniences but nothing compared to what some people had to endure. I didn't care - MITT ROMNEY LOST THE ELECTION!!!!!! That's what mattered to me

Dina B.
Dina B5 years ago

Hurricane Sandy hit my community hard, but not as hard as the shore. I am a resident of inland Central Jersey. Last year Hurricane Irene was all the hype and New Jersey braced for the worst, but it basically was a little rainstorm. This year with Sandy, people were imagining another Irene, but that was entirely wrong! I still swear to this day that my house was moving in the extremely high winds. The only thing that saved 3 big trees in our yard from falling on our house was the fact that instead of 10 inches of rain we only got 2 inches. New Jersey has never seen anything like this. Power was out, or still is for some places for over two weeks, and probably much longer. Gas lines were half a mile long just after the storm. Shore towns, for example Union Beach, Point Pleasant, Long Branch, Sea Bright, and so many more were devastated. My family and neighbors have seen it personally. The TV does no justice of the widespread destruction in our area, entire houses were condemned, including one of my good friend's million dollar waterfront home. My heart goes out to all involved with Hurricane Sandy.

Mari Garcia
Mari Garcia5 years ago

The area of NJ I live in didn't hit as much rain as much as high winds. Trees were knocked over and took out the power. My family lost power from Mon until Thurs and as for damge, it knocked out mailbox loose. So glad that was the extent. My friend's mom had a tree fall on her car and back gate. I am sad that Seaside Heights is destroyed, I regret not going there this summer. I considered going for my birthday this summer but thought to mysef, "Those Jersey Shore douche bags brought in a bunch a dumb asses, it's not going anywhere, I can go next year." Boy was I wrong.

Mary M.
Mary M5 years ago

Monday night at 9PM the power got kicked off with the wind beating down, and took a large branch down through the electric power lines, and in so doing,toppled a big lower pine branch that then laid across our road. We got power back on Wed. 9AM after the electric co. crew cut through the big branches and re-wired them back up to the pole. We are in central NYS. Our neighbor we only found out today, through another friend - that they recorded the wind speed with their weather "altimeter"? They recorded 75.6 MPH through our own road here in the mountains. Some treacherous winds for sure! We were lucky it didn't hit the house or any car.

Heather M
Heather Marv5 years ago

No storm or anything that causes suffering of any kind can be seen as receiving too much attention. We need to know how people are doing and if they are ok, that is called Humanity. I hope that the people affected by this storm receive all of the help they need, not just now, but for the duration of the need, from authorities in America and reputable charities. Know that there are many people who are also praying.

Linda Indyke
Linda Indyke5 years ago

I live in the Baltimore area, north of the city. Due to the fact that the power lines are buried below ground, those in my apartment complex generally maintain power through some of the most difficult storms. This one was no different. I volunteer at the Baltimore Humane Society and I have been following their situation online. Power was restored there about 3 hours ago, but they sustained water damage and flooding in their wellness and spay/neuter center, so they could not provide those vet services. Volunteers have been helping to care for their animals; I'm going to offer help tomorrow. I have a number of friends and family who live throughout NJ, since I spent my early years there. I found out that the power station in the small town where my mother lived was damaged by water, similar to Irene last year, so she's probably in for about 10 days of waiting for power to return, something which is harder this year as she continues recovery from hip surgery. I don't know how many of my loved ones are faring; some live in the shore areas, others more inland. I am devastated when I see video of familiar places so ravaged. I am sad for everyone living through this disaster.

Jennifer C.
Past Member 5 years ago

Thanks for the stories. Prayers....