Supporting Hands-On Animal Rescue Missions

Animal Rescue Corps (ARC) is a unique breed of rescue organization that rolls up its sleeves and dives into work when there are animals to save from abuse or natural disasters. Their hands-on approach has taken the group into extreme cases of animal cruelty at puppy mills, animal hoarders, dog fighting rings and most recently, shelters demolished by tornadoes.

“Most people will never experience these horrors first-hand, so it is our mission to rescue the animals, expose these harsh realities and inspire the highest ethical standards of humanity towards animals,” said Scotland Haisley, President of ARC.

ARC partners with law enforcement agencies, animal protection organizations and online advocacy communities like Care2 to shut down the estimated 15,000 puppy mills in the country. These facilities breed approximately 4 million puppies each year and are so widespread, ARC says there is one puppy mill within 20 miles of every American household.

Haisley reported this about horrors he has witnessed:

The breeding mothers are the true victims of the puppy mill industry. These dogs are treated as a cash crop, kept in tiny, filthy cages for their entire lives, forced to churn out litter after litter of puppies. These mother dogs receive little or no veterinary care, grooming, bathing or human affection and often have never even felt the security of solid ground beneath their feet. This is an especially cruel fate for man’s best friend, a species that for thousands of years has stood loyally by our side.

Puppy mills not only cruelly confine and neglect the dogs enslaved there, they also have a negative impact on this country’s pet population problem. Millions of dogs are born in puppy mills every year, while millions more are killed at shelters across the country.

In May, the ARC team uncovered an illegal puppy mill in Texas that was being run by a convicted animal abuser, Margaret Boyd. They carried out 49 dogs, including four new mothers and their puppies to freedom. One puppy was so tiny it had fallen under a cage.

Currently, ARC is in Crockett, Texas saving dogs from a hoarding situation. You can watch their rescue work in action in this video:

The ARC team is unique because of the hands-on work they do wherever they are called. They carry abused animals to safety, go to court to get custody of them, set up temporary shelters and see that each dog or cat receives veterinary care. The group also enlists the help of local rescue agencies to feed and socialize the animals and secures organizations to foster and adopt the pets.

Call To Action: Care2 salutes hands-on organizations like ARC and asks for your support. Please click here to sign our petition.

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Photo credit: Animal Rescue Corps


Martha Eberle
Martha Eberle6 years ago

ARC is full of real humans who know that all life is worthy, and humans do not have the right to use the other animals of this world as a business. Puppy mills are an extreme example of cruelty, but so are factory farms that produce the meat and milk you eat from the grocery store. Stop debating and GO VEGAN. Be a real human being.

Delores S.
Delores S6 years ago

Thank you for getting in the trenches to get the job done! Wish you all the best in the future! We must stop animal abuse! Make laws that have long sentences and massive fines! And teach caring and respect of animals early in school! We have to get the word out that we will not tolerate animal abuse anymore!!!

Veronique C.
VĂ©ronique C6 years ago


Arnaud H.
Arnaud Henseval6 years ago


Susan S.
Susan S6 years ago

Thanks for posting. Glady signed.

rene davis
irene davis6 years ago


Diane Charkiw
Diane C6 years ago

Petition signed - God bless all of those who stand up for animals. I am sorry this is off topic and normally I would never even think of doing this but I am DESPERATELY trying to get word out to any Canadians on Care2 who could take a second and vote for Angels Animal Rescue in Pepsi Refresh Canada. It is the last week of voting and they are neck and neck with another group for the $100K. Angels is a totally volunteer-run rescue in Merrit BC and if they win they will be able to help so many more animals. PLEASE help, it only takes a minute and can mean the difference between Angels walking away with $100K or nothing, as there is no award at all for 2nd place. THANK YOU so much and bless you for caring about animals.

Armand B.
Past Member 6 years ago

signed, tu

Patricia A.
Patricia A6 years ago

Thank you ARC for saving these innocent wonderful companions with true love in their hearts. All animals on our planet could certainly teach some humans compassion and true love!

Kristie C.
Kristie C.6 years ago

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Thank you all in advance, Kristie.