War on Women on a Kids’ Show: A Care2 Member Speaks Out

EDITOR’S NOTE:  As we launched our new Dispatchs from the War on Women, we asked for story suggestions.  This letter from Ed Farkas was interesting.  The show has been on and off the air, but the experience of watching it with a ten-year-old is provocative.  What do you think?

There is a TV show called “Total Drama Island.” It  is a cartoon show and may be related to so-called reality shows where a  group of young adults is stranded on an island.

I  was sitting with my grandson on a couple of occasions while he watched this show.   This show is absolutely sick.  This show teaches young people (my grandson is 10) to carry out violence against women.

After  I saw portions of two episodes of this show, my wife and I issued a new rule for visits by the grandson: No TV! No games on the computer!

In the first show I saw, the cartoon characters were playing dodge ball. People were being hit in the head and face repeatedly and hard by the balls. I told my grandson that every time anyone is hit like that, he or she is likely to get a concussion.  Of course he was furious with me  for saying that.

Then the show continued and one of the young women was hit repeatedly in the  face. Then you see her with her face all banged up, lots of black and blue, and one eye almost closed. I told my grandson that this woman has to go to the hospital immediately.  Again he was furious with me, furiously defensive of this idiotic show.

Then the young woman tries to smile as she limps away on the arm of a man.  The impression is given that she is supposed to be heroic and accept this beating. The impression is given that women enjoy a beating.

No one else was shown as injured, only the woman.

On  the next episode, the characters dream up the idea of placing one of the women in a large box, and burying the box in the sand on the beach.  For this terrifying, pointless and idiotic experiment, of course they selected a woman.

One of the men was supposed to stand near the location of burial, with a cell phone, to keep in touch with the woman who also had a cell phone.

But  another man came running up and scared away the first man. In the confusion, the cell phone was tossed into the sand.  There was no indication that anyone else knew about the burial or the location of the  burial.  At that moment, the “no TV” rule went into effect.

There have been cases where women were murdered by this method.  It is insane to depict this in cartoon form for 10-year-olds.  A 10-year-old could easily try this experiment tomorrow or ten years from now.

Do we still have censorship of films in theatres and on TV?  This show “Total Drama Island” should be censored right off the air.  The perpetrators of this show should receive some sort of punishment, and of  course cutting off all funds used in carrying on this show.

I  don’t know who made this show or what TV channels carry it in different  parts of the country.  Your organization may have the resources to  research this show and find out where it comes from.

Generically  we know where this show comes from:  some very sick minds, minds which have no intelligence and no talent, minds which should not be in the  “entertainment” industry.

So — is this a generational concern?  Should the show be considered violent against women?  What about the First Amendment?  What do you think?

Ed Farkas is a self-employed chemical engineer.  He also writes on current events: http://edfarkasjobs.blogspot.com/

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Sarah M.
Sarah M5 years ago

Answer to poll, of course! What a revolting cartoon.

Sam Richardson

I would like to create a petition for this, though I'm not quite sure where our concerns would go. I found this site: http://tdi.teletoon.com/index.php?TeletoonLangID=en
unfortunately, I do not have a program that allows for automatic emails after clicking the 'contact' button.

The creator of this article should compile some of the things in this article and voice your concerns - I would be glad to sign it!

Lynn C.
Lynn C5 years ago

Thank you, Ed Farkas, and Care2 for this letter! I agree with Inga S. re boycotting and calling (very effective) the advertisers products. It is working with Rush Limbaugh, and would be a very effective tool.

Mary L.
Mary L5 years ago

My youngest wasn't allowed to watch the Simpsons until she was quite a bit older than the 2 she was when it started. Didn't watch married with children either.

We wanted her to know that families are loving and caring of each other. When she was old and could understand that those shows aren't real, then it was, reluctantly on my part, OK.

colleen p.
colleen p5 years ago

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQ-0YzXfWwo they seem to be biased aginst homosexuals as well. it's the end of the world people. do something!!!!!!!

sme r.

People are foolish to think that children aren't impacted by what they see on television. If they love a show and it repeatedly abuses women and victimised them, then it will 'normalise' violence against women. Children aren't as stupid as adults would like to believe, and what they perceive to be socially acceptable will have a massive impact on how they develop opinions about theirs and others actions.

Yes, this cartoon is encouraging violence against women. The sad part is that not every father or mother or grandparent would watch this show with their children, and therefore would never have the opportunity to educate their child and undo the damage this show causes.

Kathy Perez
Kathy Johnson5 years ago

looking to far into this.. small children shouldnt watch it but older kids would be fine. Guys get injured/beat up on it to.. Now go do something productive like actively PREVENTING domestic abuse. Or go save a dog from a shelter or feed a hungry homeless person. Really, with all the problems out there this is what you choose?

colleen p.
colleen p5 years ago

Elaine P.
that is how things work. "someone told me to be offended and I am, but I don't know what I am mad about" or "one example from ________ offends me. so get rid of it all. I don't care about context"

Elaine Pischke
Elaine Pischke5 years ago

It's interesting that most of the people calling for a ban on this show haven't actually seen it, or only saw a few minutes of it. This used to be my son's favorite show, so I've seen most of it. The episode mentioned where the girl gets buried was one where the producers tricked all the characters into revealing their deepest fears, then, of course, using that as their next 'challenge'. (My son is a teenager, not a young child. It's not appropriate for younger kids.) All I can say is, it never struck me as particularly sexist. All of the characters are treated equally badly. It's a parody of "Survivor". The host is rather sadistic. The characters are mostly pretty cliche. It's a typical dumb cartoon which I thought had run it's course and I don't think is even on anymore, although I suppose it could be in re-runs in some places. I just think there are a lot more important things to get up-in-arms about. If you don't like it, don't watch it.

alex l.
alex l5 years ago

sorry, but this "censorship is bad!!!" stuff is crap. we are talking about KID"S SHOWS.

do you really think kids should not have censored shows? do you really allow your kids to watch anything at all - porn, animal torture, child abuse videos - in defence of the lack of censorship?

a good parent censors what their children watch, and a good television network works with the government to do the same. they are CHILDREN and should never watch hateful things.

if you really are not against censorship, then let's have shows for kids that involve enslaving black people, beating gays and abusing children.
or are you only against censorship when it is women being hurt?