Cautious Welcome For Obama DREAMers Commitment (Video)

There has been a cautious welcome for the announcement today that undocumented youth will no longer be automatically deported.

Heartland Alliance’s National Immigrant Justice Center (NIJC) said that:

We hope it is a signal that at last our government recognizes and respects the contributions of immigrants. President Obama honors our history as a nation of immigrants with today’s announcement.

The reason for caution is that last year the administration made a similar commitment to review cases which raised the hopes of many — including bi-national same-sex couples — that their deportations might be stayed. Yet only 4,363 deportation cases were closed after a national review of the nearly 300,000 people in removal proceedings.

Notes Colorlines:

People who save for their immigration violations had been convicted of no crime, who had longstanding ties to the country or were young and educated, were supposed to good candidates to win a short-term reprieve. Immigrant rights activists have been disappointed by the results. And through it all, immigrant rights networks bubble daily with reports of yet another father, or sister, or fresh high school graduate, who’s facing imminent deportation.

DREAM Act-eligible immigrants, so-called “DREAMers,” have been occupying Obama campaign offices.

NIJC puts today’s announcement down to these kids:

We applaud the courageous youth who have fought for years to convince the president that he can use his executive power to protect immigrants who were raised in the United States and are contributing to our society. Today, immigrant families have a renewed sense of dignity.

But they note that:

Today’s announcement does not fully repair our country’s dysfunctional immigration system, but we hope it is a signal that at last our government recognizes and respects the contributions of immigrants. President Obama honors our history as a nation of immigrants with today’s announcement – we call on Congress to do the same and pass fair immigration reform that creates a humane system for all.

Obama said:

It makes no sense to expel talented young people who for all intents and purposes are Americans.

Today’s action is an executive one, bypassing Congress, and exactly what has been demanded. Yohan Garcia, an undocumented student at Hunter College in New York, told feetintwoworlds:

It’s a day of victory.  A day of big accomplishment, I think.

However, cautions Rosario Quiroz:

Hopefully this announcement is genuine and the voice of undocumented individuals continues to get louder. However, it takes an understanding and strong recognition that this is not the time to rest or preemptively celebrate.

Said Yahaira Carrillo, founder and an organizer with the Kansas/Missouri Dream Alliance:

It’s very much a Band-aid. There’s still a lot of gray area around it. So I’m not quick to congratulate everyone.

Said Reyna Montoya, a recent graduate of Arizona State University with dual bachelors degrees and vice-president of Arizona’s Dream Act coalition, who came to the U.S. from Mexico when she was 13:

I came out of the shadows at a Republican fundraiser in 2010. It has empowered me a lot, to accept who I am and accept that I am not a criminal, that I am not doing anything wrong.

But what I worry about is that people are going to turn complacent. The fight is not over.

The GOP’s response on DREAMers as a whole has been as yet undefined — and via, who’da thunk, Marco Rubio — but it does also contain what the administration acknowledges today what in this proposal is a “stop gap” measure, no “path to citizenship.” However, the expected GOP-base reaction was quickly exemplified today as a reporter from Tucker Carlson’s Daily Caller heckled the president during his speech and before questions about the policy. Just like those pink ladies used to do to George Bush and friends, though, I’d assume Carlson et al wouldn’t appreciate the comparison.

Obama’s announcement arrived, unacknowledged, as Katherine Leal Unmuth points out, on the 30th anniversary of the historic Plyler v. Doe Supreme Court decision, which affirmed undocumented immigrant children’s right to a free public education. She notes:

In 2007, I visited the humble home of Jose and Lidia Lopez,  one of the couples who challenged the Tyler [the relevant schools superintendent in Texas] schools in court. Their children later went on to graduate high school and remain in Tyler, where they are raising their own children.

“School is very important for all children, and they should not be discriminated against because they are Mexican or white or black,” Mr. Lopez said. “They should be equal.”

When I visited Jim Plyler, he said he had changed his mind and supported the decision.


Here are two kids from Campaign For An American Dream who’ve been occupying the Obama campaign’s Denver office for a week. What? MSNBC failed to tell you about this? I’m shocked…

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Picture courtesy Campaign for an American Dream


Catt R.
Catt R5 years ago

Rose L....... "It is beyond me how anyone could vote to reelect a man who has thoroughly divided the country, run roughshod over the laws of our land (ignoring the laws he does not like), continued to blame the previous president for everything, failed to accept responsibility for his own failures, alienated our biggest allies, and denigrated & alienated millions of Americans."

I see you are just as puzzled as the rest of us on just how they could GIVE the second term to 'W'

Erika M.
Erika M5 years ago

Marc, Lee, would you both get over each other.

marc rosati
marc rosati5 years ago

Tell me how much better our lives will be under Obamacare Tell me how we will benefit from losing our AAA financial rating! Tell me how much better it will be for us because of our debt to China! Tell me how it benefits us to pay 5 or 6 dollars a gallon for gas! Sit there on your mountain and think about it Lee.

marc rosati
marc rosati5 years ago

Ok We'll just agree to disagree on just about everything. You are just so goddamned sure your right and everybody else is wrong. Just remember there is a huge world out there outside your myopic field of vision and just because you follow your party's line and believe all the pablum you've been fed. You can't seem to wrap your mind around the possibility that someone may know something you don't. What is your vision of America if Obama gets re-elected? How will our standard of living improve how will the world be a better place to live? How will we all benefit from his policies

marc rosati
marc rosati5 years ago

and their solutions always mean curtailing our freedom? No Lee I don't see the world the way you do. it doesn't make me a bad person either. You do a pretty good job of expressing yourself but you need to do less name calling and be less condescending when people disagree with you. I apologise for questioning your patriotism but you started it so from now on lets stick to the issues and leave the name calling out of it.

marc rosati
marc rosati5 years ago

Patriotism doesn't mean blindy following your leaders wherever they take you especially when they are taking you in the wrong direction. I believe as does more than half the country believe Obama is taking us in the wrong direction. Maybe you have some kind of positive proof that Obama was born in Hawaii and not Kenya if you do feel free to share it. I have seen both Barak and Michelle say that he was born in Kenya. Why is he using a fake SS card? Try looking him up on E-verify and see what you get. The truth is we really don't know who he is. You live in Montana so how could you know what these Illegal immigrants are doing to us. I see it every day. our jails are full of them. so don't sit on your mountain and lecture me on illegal immigration! Obama is part of the New world Order. If you don't know what that is then you had better find out. Global warming isn't just something happening to us it is a political agenda have you noticed the ones blowing their horns the loudest about are also the ones with the solutions?

Frances C.
Frances C5 years ago

marc r. You are the one that doesn't sound like a true American. The birthers are a bunch of ignorant idiots....most people understand that.

Ronald Reagan gave Amnesty to three million illegal immigrants (that is 3,000,000) think Reagan was not American?....Or Bush and McCain? Where does your trashing go, is it to all you disagree with or is it just President Obama and/or Democrats? Never mind, you don't have to answer, we already know.

@ the other idiot on site...the Mexican immigrants I have seen work extremely hard for a small amount of pay. Try stooping over all day picking crops so people can eat, idiot.

Not only was Romney's father born in Mexico, all their family fled there because the law in America was after them. It was against the law too have many wives, but they liked their polygamy so they stayed in Mexico. When they decided to take advantage of American opportunities they came here to live ....were they legal?

Karina Morales
Karina Morales5 years ago

I know a very bright young girl who just turned 18. She was brought to this country when she was 9 months old because her dad was physically abusing her mom. How can anybody possibly tell her that this is not her country when this is the only country that she has ever called home. Shame on all of you who judge these people without knowing what they've been through. You have no idea what some of these people have suffered.

Jen Matheson
Past Member 5 years ago

Fantastic news!

Adam S.
Adam S5 years ago

Yes, it's so important that we let these illegal people become citizens and take advantage of our welfare system so we can have more Democrats!