CDC’s Reasons To Quit Smoking Are More Than You Can Count On One Hand [VIDEO]

Everyone knows that smoking isn’t the healthiest thing you can do.  But as the new ad campaign from the Center for Disease Control aims to illustrate, the effects can be much more harmful that people tend to think.  In their “Tips from Smokers” push, graphic pictures, videos and testimonials all combine to convince those who smoke to stop, and those who don’t to never start.
Watch one ad below:

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Ullrich Mueller
Ullrich Mueller2 years ago

I am all for it. Smoking should be even more expensive so we have the resources to deal with the health damage done by smokers. But what about alcohol (mind you, I most certainly not a tee-totaller as I love a good cuppa), but damage done by alcohol is definitely not smaller.

Whitakers W.
Whitakers W5 years ago

Great advice... Thanks...*Quitting Help*I went here for here for advice also and it helped me...

Ryan H.
Ryan H.5 years ago

Absolutely on Target.. Great job .
These are some things that helped me

Whatever you do Just Stay strong and follow thru

Eternal Gardener
Eternal G5 years ago


KS Goh
KS Goh5 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Kathy Perez
Kathy Johnson5 years ago

its all bad, i wish people would not even bother to START it

Lin Moy
Lin M5 years ago

It is not so easy to stop smoking as some think. I try not to smoke around people and don't complain seeing no smoke signs. I have copd and was smoking around 14, 66 now. I know it is my fault but we weren't told when I was young like that. You would think all you hear and see it'd be ever so easy to just quit, but not for me.

Jim Bynum
James Bynum5 years ago

People need to think about this a little more rather blaming our problems on cigarette smoke. Aren't we being told coal fired power planet are releasing to much toxins into the air. Every factory is allowed to release a certain amount of toxic chemical into the air or water.
In the mid-50's the Surgeon General decided to blame smoking for all the toxins released by the burning open dumps around Washingto DC. As an example of the bigger problem, Of the total acetonitrile released to the environment in 1992, 11.3 million pounds were into the atmosphere. Acetonitrile is metabolized in the body to hydrogen cyanide and thiocyanate. Acetonitrile has been detected in air near ground levels, ranging from 2 to 7 ppb in both urban and rural areas (HSDB 1994). Is it in smoke. You bet it is, but you are going to get the same dose even if you don't smoke. The nervous system is a major target for acetonitrile acute toxicity. Acute exposure may cause salivation, nausea, vomiting, anxiety, confusion, hyperpnea, dyspnea, rapid pulse, unconsciousness, and convulsions followed by death from
respiratory failure. Chronic exposure may cause headache, anorexia, dizziness, and weakness (HSDB 1994).

k T.
kathleen Thomas5 years ago

Christine R : thank you for your input. Please paste a link to your thesis of evidence to support your claim that a gluten free diet can 'manage' UC - I'll look forward to reading it, along with case studies and other proof of your hypothesis. As regards to the 'correct' term for moving my inflammatory levels down from a code red 350, to a normal range 125, I would personally call it SUPpression - a 'holding back/anchoring' of symptoms. I've also heard that a vegan diet works, as does realligning my neuron pathways so that I respond to stress differently, therefore preventing any immune system surges of adrenaline and cortizol entering my system, and SUPpressing my overactive 'fight or flight' mechanism. But thank you for your superior input, and I look forward to reading your research paper.

Barbara S.

There are lies on every front. The Tobacco companies lied when they felt threatened in 1964 by the Surgeon General, and so they added chemicals to tobacco to make it more addictive while they lied and seduced everyone into believing their pro-warning tobacco was just as safe as the original manufactured cigarettes pre-1964.

Then the anti-smoking groups began to lie. To this day they won't tell you that not everyone who smokes, or everyone who is exposed to 2nd hand smoke, WILL NOT have health problems because of it. They insist on lumping everyone who hasn't quit into the "criminal category", even though they know that what they're saying isn't true. And these ghouls are willing to go to whatever extreme it takes, regardless of how many people they malign, to make their insidious argument.

Not once have the anti-smoking groups, the CDC, and the Departments of Health & Welfare taken into consideration the psychological damage they're inflicting upon the caregivers - the people who spend long, labored shifts with people hooked up to breathing apparatuses- suffering - and not necessarily from smoking-related illnesses - who, when they get home from the job merely want to watch a little TV in peace and quiet to escape from the horrors of another day with the sick and dying... Not once do the ant-smoking groups take into consideration the angst they are causing to families who have already lost loved ones to strokes, loss of limbs, and breathing complications caused from