CEOs Say No Donations For Incumbents


What happens when big business dollars dry up in Washington?  We’re about to find out, as Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz leads 100 CEOs in a pact to refuse to donate to politicians until they stop the partisan gridlock.

According to CNN, Shultz isn’t planning to just stop at businessmen and women, either:

“All it seems people are interested in is re-election,” Schultz told CNNMoney last week. “And that re-election — the lifeblood of it is fundraising.”

While Schultz’s original appeal was to CEOs, he hopes that everyday Americans will join in.

“This is just the beginning of what I think is going to be a groundswell of support to hold back contributions,” he said Tuesday.

So who’s involved so far in the pledge to just say no?  Politico reports that Tim Armstrong, the chairman and CEO of AOL; Mickey Drexler, the chairman and CEO of J. Crew Group; Bill Campbell, the chairman of Intuit; Duncan Niederauer, the CEO of NYSE Euronext; and billionaire investor Pete Peterson are all publicly ready to close their wallets and more may be getting ready to do the same.

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Claire M.
Claire M6 years ago

Koch is one of the mega corps funding the gridlock and other smarmy business. Its going to take more than 100 of them to challenge that monster, but I wish them all the luck.

Ernie Miller
william Miller6 years ago

lets hope this grows. something tells me it wont.

Lin Moy
Lin M6 years ago

If they want to run they should finance their own lies.

Gayle J.
Gayle, J6 years ago

Term limits and public financing for all politicians. It's the ONLY way we'll ever get our democracy back. While Schultz's idea is a good one, but I think there are just too many powerful and greedy corporations that have taken over our country and I doubt they will be willing to give up their ability to buy politician's favors.

Lloyd A.
Doug Alley6 years ago

Hope this movement takes hold. If they don't have the money, then they can't get re-elected. Nice payback for trashing the economy last month. We have got to stop this gridlock stupidity, and really start thinking before we vote in group of clowns to our government (Tea Party). Another election like the last one, and we will all be living in caves and rubbing two sticks together to make a fire. Save America from Tea Party stupidity, vote Democratic!

Deanne L.
Deanne Lewis6 years ago

Maybe this is a first step. I will be interested to see where this leads. I am cautiously optimistic.

Carole Dunn
Carole Dunn6 years ago

Good for them; I hope this really catches on. Money will be the death of our democracy yet.

Mo Va
Mo Va6 years ago


David J.
David J6 years ago

Surprise, Surprise!! The wealthy find another way to exert their power, the country be damned. Nice to know we're all in this together. So much for democracy. Hopefully we'll see the error of our ways and run things the way they like. In case no one told them, representatives represent constituents, maybe we shouldn't have differing points of view.

Jeffrey W.
Jeffrey W6 years ago

It's funny how excited some people get over empty, symbolic and futile posturing. There is more money flowing into these elections than ever before. Shultz can grandstand all he wants, but it has no real effect.