Chelsea Clinton Sympathizes with Sandra Fluke

Former first daughter Chelsea Clinton has connected her treatment by Rush Limbaugh with that of Sandra Fluke.

She attended a March 25 conference at the 92nd Street Y in Manhattan, where she introduced Fluke and said the two of them both had the unique misfortune of being made fun of by Limbaugh.

“She and I have something in common. We both have been attacked by Rush Limbaugh. She was 30, I was 13,” Clinton said before Fluke entered the room to massive applause, according to BuzzFeed.

In 1993, Limbaugh held up a picture of Clinton — then 13 years old — and said “Socks is the White House Cat. But did you know there is also a White House dog?”

He ‘apologized’, as he had also done for calling another First Daughter, Amy Carter, “the most unattractive presidential daughter in the history of the country.”

In his Clinton ‘apology,’ he remarked that “she can’t control the way she looks” and he made similar remarks when ‘apologizing’ to Carter.

Boycott failure?

The Washington Post is claiming that the advertiser-led boycott of Rush Limbaugh has failed.

“The dark clouds hanging over Rush Limbaugh appear to be lifting,” wrote Paul Farhi. “On Monday [23 March], the 600 or so radio stations that air Limbaugh’s program were told by his syndicator, Premiere Radio Networks, to resume running “barter” ads during his program.” Clear Channel, Premier’s parent network, had previously suspended barter ads while Limbaugh was in the news.

Farhi writes that boycott organizers’ claims that over 100 advertisers dropped Limbaugh’s program were stretching the truth as “some of these companies weren’t regular Limbaugh sponsors in the first place.” Most of the advertisers who opted to drop their ads from Limbaugh’s program were only airing those spots in regional markets.

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Ken W.
Ken W5 years ago

Limbaugh go to HELL .

Victor M.
Victor M5 years ago

Good for the cause

Maitreya L5 years ago

Lol, yeah Limbaugh does kind of remind me of Jabba The Hutt.

Darn, I was hoping Rush would lose some real money out of this, he gets high ratings though unfortunately, hard for advertisers to resist. A shame you can get rich by being a loud mouth slug of a man. Figures he'd insult a 13 year old girl, that's hardly a surprise, just typical.

Betsy M.
Betsy M5 years ago

Jabba the Hutt? Jabbba's laugh

Janice M.
Janice Ma5 years ago

Rush reminds me of that guy on Star Wars. What was his name? Does anyone remember?

Janice M.
Janice Ma5 years ago

Hi David, And yet the tea partiers consider themselves GOOD CHRISTIANS. Poor Jesus, if only he knew how badly his religion is being used these days and the kinds of people who call him 'their friend'. Disgusting!

@Nicole, Yes, why would any grown man pick on ANYONE'S looks, a child or another adult's (except in the case of an adult who has done it first. Then one has the right to reciprocate)? What is wrong with someone like him? That is so hurtful and childish.

@Rosanne, Palin is already in politics and expects to be a target. Fluke was a student who wanted help for a friend. To try to make that into anything else is disingenuous of you. Wait, why don't I state that simpler? You're a liar who wants to confuse everyone.

John Coleman
John Coleman5 years ago

pam w: Sorry, but Rush’s comment about a political operative (Fluke) being used by the Demagogue Party to push a phony agenda and a political spin to take pressure off the failure of said party and its leader, Obumbler, happened to have hit the point (even if not that artfully said) so the usual cast of “progressive” clowns braying about “civility” once again while their own members displays the usual hypocrisy in their lack of “civility” to others. In addition, for Chelsea to bring up incivility to women after her father’s repeated abuse of women and his positions of power, is the height of hypocrisy in itself. The real attempt at diversion has been you “progressives” and the Demagogue Party (like they are trying to do with the FL shooting). The “substance” of Flake’s (oops, I mean Fluke’s) “statement” at that phony “committee hearing” was pure bunk and deserved ridicule as does Chelsea’s alleged “outrage”!!!! Good try in attempting to your diversion on my response but no go!.

Frances C.
Frances C5 years ago

Chelsea Clinton and Sandra Fluke are both intelligent, caring, and well spoken. They carry themselves with dignity. They did not respond in kind. But I am sure there were hurtful moments caused by the foul mouthed Limbaugh. They rose above it and are an inspiration to all women. Neither was in the political arena, they trashed no one. The other women who go back and forth with the comedians are very much political. They trash people they don't agree with and they get it back. They have said some very awful things, including calling President Obama a non citizen, having death panels, and being born in Kenya, being a socialist, Marxist, and on and on and on.

David L.
David L5 years ago

LUSH LIMBO is also a self-confessed drug addict and whoremonger...

As well as being dirt ugly, (the perfect face for radio...).

And yet the Tea Baggers STILL love and adore him!!

Go figure..


David L.
David L5 years ago

I have a good match ~

Lush Limbo's face...

And a Pug dog's backside..

Or is that too demeaning to Pug dogs !?!

Okay then ~ Lush's face, and the backside of week-old roadkill...