Children in Haiti Return to School

Three months after the devastating earthquake, children in Port-au-Prince are now permitted to return to school. For some it means going to tents which have been constructed as temporary schools while new buildings are being erected.

Gary Tuchman of CNN visited some schools and talked to children and teachers. The overall mood seems to be hopeful, but teachers are taking things slow with the pupils, especially since they have not received the official curriculum from the government. Teachers have not been paid since before the quake, but many seemed committed to helping children move on. One commented that she wanted to make her lesson plans “more fun than before.”

It is a positive sign that children can resume a daily routine and see old classmates again, but they still must deal with the fact that many classmates have not come back, due to either being missing or dead. One all-boys school is offering counseling for students to deal with the tragedy.

Gary Tuchman said it best:

Nearly three months after the earthquake, vivid reminders of death are almost everywhere you look. But nothing symbolizes recovery and the future more than seeing children learning, singing, smiling. The effort to rebuild this nation will take many years. The children we talked with in school today will be the leaders of that effort tomorrow.

Click here to watch CNN’s coverage of Haitian children returning to school



Indira M.
Indira M8 years ago


johan l.
paul l9 years ago

I am glad to see that something good is happening in Haiti!
I also hope the international community will be able to pay the teachers their salaries or even part of them!
At the moment it looks like they are only doing it out of the goodness of their hearts and have a passion for teaching the next generation!

Nellie K A.
Nellie K Adaba9 years ago

They go to school in a temporary tent I think. That's great because they need to learn so that when they get a job they can apply those skills and talents....

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Michelle M.
Michelle M.9 years ago

A first step on the return to normalcy. I hope international aid continues and that Haiti can be better than it was before the quake. Let's not abandon them!

Steph Yu
Steph Y9 years ago

I'm happy that so many people are donating to Haiti and so much help has gone to them. But it's also important we think long-term. It's not just about food, school, it's about their infrastructure, economy, etc as well.

Hopefully they can continue to build up Haiti and turn it to something successful again! :)

Tammy Davis
Tammy Davis9 years ago


Tammy Davis
Tammy Davis9 years ago

vive hati

Past Member
Emmanuelle B9 years ago

I'm glad things are turning back to normal out there.

Dianne Elko
Past Member 9 years ago

God bless all them and the teachers and those that re-built the schools