China Eliminating Presidential Term Limit, and Now Trump Wants That Too

It’s looking like President Xi Jinping of China may be able to stay in power indefinitely if his Communist Party successfully amends the constitution to get rid of term limits. Unfortunately, now U.S. President Donald Trump is suggesting he’d like a piece of that action, as well.

In a private speech (with a subsequently leaked audio recording) to his donors at Mar-a-Lago, Trump complimented Xi’s power play to become “president for life.” “He was able to do that,” Trump said. “I think it’s great.”

More ominously, Trump continued, “Maybe we’ll have to give that a shot someday.” Per GQ, that comment was met by “raucous applause” from his supporters.

The mere idea of a second term for Trump, let alone a third, fourth and fifth is enough to make many Americans queasy. That’s just one reason why eliminating presidential term limits is a terrible idea for the United States and China alike.

Most international political analysts consider presidential term limits to be an essential component of democracy. It’s a system that demands more accountability from its leaders, ensures a diversity of opinions and allows younger generations to ascend to power.

Though some will argue that a country can always vote out an inadequate leader, that’s rarely an actual possibility. The longer a single leader maintains power, the more corrupt the system has become – elections are rigged and power does not change hands.

The Communist Party’s dominance is so strong in China that it almost certainly will be able to amend the constitution and allow Xi to rule indefinitely. It’s an authoritarian move by a man who already shows authoritarian tendencies. As the Washington Post writes, “under his leadership, China has purged thousands of his political opponents, strangled civil society and established a 21st-century surveillance state.”

Oddly, the international community has gotten better news of the impending constitutional change than the Chinese people. The state-run media is keeping coverage of this news to a minimum and citizens who post about it online are being censored.

As for Trump, some have argued over whether or not he was joking when he made his comments (he’s always just joking, though!) but there’s no arguing that he’s shown a fondness for dictators who make power moves to usurp power.

Trump doesn’t actually revere the Constitution, he sees it as an obstacle to being the kind of leader he wants to be. You don’t even have to believe Trump colluded with Russia to steal the election to see that he likes to subvert the rules for his own power and personal gain. He’d look at finding a way to stay on as president indefinitely as a sign of his own strength rather than an action that weakens democracy.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore


Amanda M
Amanda M5 days ago

Just when you think this creep can't get any more freakish or give us worse nightmares than he is already, Twitler comes up with a new idea that is the LAST thing the American people want! Be afraid, gang-be VERY afraid!

Chad A
Chad Anderson6 days ago


Rhoberta E
Rhoberta E13 days ago

david f
AS USUAL, can't read OR apparently UNDERSTAND !!!
Debbi W said IF he managed to destroy our constitution........Do you know the meaning of "IF". No wonder you love trump. No clue

David F
David F14 days ago

OK Rhoberta, If you and Debbi are not bloviating, since it is brought up, where has he proposed destroying our constitution???

Finally a real leader in DC, actually two.

Rhoberta E
Rhoberta E14 days ago

david f
When did you learn to read but most of all comprehend.
Debbi W stated "......IF he managed to destroy our constitution and become a dick...." see the word IF !!!
You win the prize for " bloviating" Your big word for today ??

Winn A
Winn A14 days ago

tRUMPie is a moron and should be in jail.

David F
David F14 days ago

Debbi W the bloviator, where did President Trump destroy our constitution?

I know, can't answer.

Linda W
Linda W14 days ago

Say it isn't so please.

Julie W
Julie W14 days ago

Dear God,no!! What a depressing thought.

Debbi W
Debbi W15 days ago

OMG Nooooooooo!!! Fourteen months is too long! Many of us have been warning that he actually believes he is our Dicktator (spelling is intentional). You think it's bad now, if he managed to destroy our constitution and become a dictator, we would be the newest third world country. We'd be trying to sneak across a border, seeking asylum from the moron. We have to gain control of the house and the senate if possible until we can vote piece of excrement out of office.