Will Horses Stop Being Killed in New Jersey? It’s Up to Chris Christie

By a vote of 35-4, a bill prohibiting the slaughter of horses for human consumption passed the New Jersey Senate on June 25. It is now up to New Jersey governor Chris Christie to approve it.

Someone might want to listen to who wants him to do the right thing.

20-year-old Jessica Springsteen (yes, daughter of that Springsteen and an accomplished equestrian) is among the signees of a letter urging Christie to sign the anti-horse slaughter bill, says the Asbury Park Press. Said Jessica Springsteen in the letter, which was released via the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals:

“I have spent my life with horses and they are our partners and companions. I believe that horses deserve to be treated with respect, and their lives should not end with the horrors of a slaughterhouse.”

The State Assembly has already passed an identical bill, A2023, by a vote of 75-3.

Both bills would not only ban the slaughtering of horses and selling it for human consumption in New Jersey, but also prohibit transporting horses who are to be slaughtered through the state. Under the bill, anyone who “knowingly slaughters, sells or barters a horse for human consumption” would face a disorderly persons offense and risk being fined up to $100 and receive 30 days imprisonment, plus civil fees of between $500-$1,000 for each horse slaughtered or for each carcass sold for human consumption.

As the Asbury Park Press notes, there are no horse slaughterhouses now in the U.S. after Congress eliminated funding for Department of Agriculture inspectors in 2006. In the 1980s, there were about a dozen horse slaughterhouses in the U.S.

Supporters of the bill point out New Jersey is currently a “major artery” for sending horses to Canada to their deaths; horses are also sent to slaughterhouses in Mexico.

In the Asbury Park Press, New Jersey Farm Bureau research associate Ed Wengryn opposes the bill, contending that one of the “unintended consequences” of shutting down slaughterhouses is that “older, unwanted horses are being abandoned and that uncomfortable lives for some horses are being prolonged.” But Kathleen Schatzmann, state director of the Humane Society, emphasizes that, after California passed a horse slaughter ban in 1998, there was no increase in cruelty cases. Indeed, New Jersey has “cruelty statutes that protect our horses, so they can’t starve them, they can’t abandon them,” Schatzmann said.

Christie, who has not indicated if he might sign the bill, has until September 24 to decide.

After the bill passed the Senate, Senator Raymond J. Lesniak, a Democrat, told NJ.com that he was “proud” that New Jersey is “becoming the humane capital of the world.” It’s up to Christie (provided he can take time out of his busy schedule campaigning for Mitt Romney) now to prove this.

As the Asbury Park Press quips, while the governor “can’t seem to make his musical hero Bruce Springsteen happy,” he now has the “chance to impress” the Boss’s daughter. But will he?


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Karen S.
Karen S3 years ago

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Karen S.
Karen S3 years ago


Lori Ann Hone
Lori Hone5 years ago

Come on Gov. Christie, do the right thing for the people of NJ. You've stood up the the horrible Republican party before for the sake of the citizens of NJ, doing the right thing for the people of your state is far more important than going along with idiot ideology by those who do not care about the citizens they were elected to represent and take care of. The US citizens from every other state is watching you and how wonderful you have been supporting and taking care of your people instead of the stupid crumbling republican party, that would be the "DO NOTHING PARTY OF NO" they have proved over and over they only care about money, not people.

Winn Adams
Winn A5 years ago

Come on NJ you can help the horses in your state.

Edvanir L.
Edvanir L5 years ago

"Both bills would not only ban the slaughtering of horses and selling it for human consumption in New Jersey".

What? People in NJ have consumed horse meat???

Any up date on this case, please?

Marcia Shiel
M s5 years ago

people voted obama back in because he smiles They fail to see through him and his lies He stabs people in the back I cannot believe how naive americans are I thought they were intelligent

Lisa Windsor
Lisa W5 years ago

I can only pray that all horse slaughering will eventually be banned, but we have to work hard and work together to try and make it happen. The whole idea just makes me disgusted with humans who condone this and do not care.

Past Member
Lexi M5 years ago

for anyones information the OBAMA ADMINISTRATION id tTHE REASON FOR SIGNING HORSES LIVES AWAY IN NOVEMBER OF 2011 . slaughtering horses has been outlawed in this country until OBAMA & HIS ADMINISTRATION signed the bill to ALLOW HORSE SLAUGHTER ONCE AGAIN IN THE US . but obama and his administration has been POISEN TO MOST ALL ANIMAL ISSUES . and they recieved a c- grade for animal welfare , so this is why this is even a state by state issue now is because of the DEADLY OBAMA ADMIN.

Grace Adams
Grace Adams5 years ago

For myself I wish that I should go to pieces all at one when I die, so I don't have to linger disabled. Why should I wish any worse for horses in New Jersey.

Ritva J.
Ritva J5 years ago

A big NO to slaughterhouses!