Christie Quiet On Mississippi Personhood Measure

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R) has become a touchstone of sorts for the direction of moderate conservatism, if it exists at all, in the Republican party. So the fact that he refuses to say whether he supports the Mississippi ballot initiative that seeks to declare a fertilized egg a “person” should either be a very good, or a very bad thing.

Mississippi GOP gubernatorial candidate Phil Bryant endorsed the measure, and Christie is campaigning for Bryant. But Christie’s team has been quick to point out that just because the outspoken governor is campaigning on behalf of Bryant doesn’t mean that Christie endorses the measure.

If that sounds politically squishy to you, consider the fact that Christie was originally an abortion rights supporter who has since changed his mind.

Ultimately, does it really matter if Christie supports the Mississippi personhood measure. You bet it does. If Christie is considered a “moderate” Republican and is unwilling to come out on record against a measure that grants the equivalent legal status to a collection of cells as a living-breathing woman, just how moderate can any part of the Republican party be?

There is no question that if passed the Mississippi initiative would outlaw birth control. Is it a part of the moderate conservative movement to insert the government into the doctor-patient relationship? Is it a part of the moderate conservative movement to suggest that women do not have the ability to make decisions about when to become mothers or to seek informed medical care to make that a meaningful choice?

The answer to those questions is telling: either fully repressing women’s health care freedom is indeed part of the moderate conservative movement or Christie is no moderate.

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Beth M.
Beth M6 years ago

This is America, not a religious state that dictates what woman can/can't do. I'm tired of some politicians trying to take away the rights that we have worked decades for!

Penny C.
penny C6 years ago


George Boggs
George Boggs6 years ago

I am a " yellow dog democrat ". I think everyone should have to show an ID inorder to vote. I did and every so often I have to verify who I am. It's no big deal. We have coruption every where and it should be eliminated. The first time you apply to vote you must prove who you are, why not every time.

Hannah W.
Hannah W.6 years ago

One issue puts him out of the moderate position?
Everyone loves to bash Christie.

Tierney G.
Tierney G6 years ago

I think these men and the few women in the congress now beleive that the overwhelming majority wants to end all abortion. At least that is what 'they' say. I think it is time to get the facts out there that the majority of people over 60% want abortion to remain legal and that abortion is much more than a one-sided arguement that has its valuess as well as its downfalls.
That most people over 60% still beleive a women should have the right to choose what happens to her body and it is not for anyone else's concern except her and her doctor!
The media has conviently left these messages out and so of course the GOP is goin g to run with their lies. We must get the facts the truth out loud and clear! We will not stand for second class citizen ship after fighting and dying for our right to just vote when we as women contribute well over 30% of the GDP in this country (that being children )and that we pay taxes the same as men even though we are paid less and that we are frequently taken advantage of because we have been unallowed to participate in the world for too long!!!!!

Teresa Wlosowicz
Teresa W6 years ago

This 'personhood' idea is crazy!

Teresa Wlosowicz
Teresa W6 years ago

Is a soft-boiled egg a chicken too?

laura r.
laura r6 years ago

women in this country being pushed backwards and down in order to satisfy xtian sadists is beyond sickening. Women, wake up and fight these sociopaths!

Roxane Connor
Roxane Connor6 years ago

Christie could come out against this insane measure with out coming across as a "leftist baby killer" simply by pointing out it's impracticality . It would out law every birth control method other then the barrier method (if the "rhythm system worked I wouldn't be here and saying NO doesn't help when your being raped) Not only would every miscarriage and stillbirth have to be investigated but every menstruation of every sexually active woman.

Anne H.
Anne H6 years ago

Please call and email these politicians.