Christie Tells Graduates to Be Disrupters, Gets Booed at Seton Hall

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has not been a friend to educators in the Garden State. His feud with the NJ teachers union, his proposals to “reform” education and his references to teachers as “welfare queens” have won him the ire (to put it mildly) of not only teachers, but of anyone involved with education (administrators, school psychologists, janitors, to name a few), not to mention parents. So it’s hard not to be surprised that, speaking at commencement exercises for Seton Hall University earlier today, Christie got booed.

The Star-Ledger says that the Hall’s education college was not very happy to have the “anti-education” governor speaking:

Someone who is making it difficult for (the graduates) to get a job is speaking as they get their diplomas,” Joseph DePierro, dean of Seton Hall’s education college, told the Setonian, the school paper.

I have a feeling that Christie, a 1987 graduate of Seton Hall Law School, probably didn’t mind getting a less than hearty welcome from some in Seton Hall’s community (Seton Hall President Gabriel Esteban made “no apologies” for inviting Christie). Christie’s blunt, blustering words are part of his appeal (to some). Indeed, he urged the 2,281 graduates to be “disrupters” just like him:

Christie urged the students to celebrate their accomplishments and take their graduation seriously.

“From your cheers — and your other expressions — I can tell that you are not taking it lightly,” Christie said, acknowledging the jeers.

The governor used his 16-minute speech to talk about a recent New York Times Magazine cover that labeled him “The Disrupter” for his combative attempts to challenge the status quo in New Jersey. He urged the students to be “disrupters,” like him, in their own lives.

“Be a disrupter in the way that your heart and your mind tells you to be a disrupter,” Christie said.

Funny but last time I checked, it doesn’t usually bode so well for students to be “disruptive” in class. While students could be “acting up” due to learning difficulties (I know — my autistic teenage son has his share of “behavior issues”), I have a feeling that, were Christie to be in charge of a classroom of said “disrupters”/students, he wouldn’t be so encouraging about being “disruptive” like him. Maybe he’d throw out a few choice words to get the students to “behave” or deal with something not to his liking  by doing what he did to the Hudson Tunnel project: Just saying no, cancel, just get rid of it, rather than the day-by-day work it takes to teach a young mind to learn.


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Jack C.
Jack C.6 years ago

Christie is the adult man of the hour, His Leadership qualities aside, He wants to avoid a Greek-type economic revolt. He has to get New Jersey competitive again, The surgury is badly needed,

He should have told the students. There is no free lunch. but then again, he would have to explain it to them..,

jane richmond
jane richmond6 years ago

Elect him President so he can destroy the country his own way.

Wioletta S.
Wioletta S6 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Emily M.
Emily M6 years ago

Yes, Christie is really disrupting the status quo in New Jersey by cutting taxes for millionaires who never paid their fair share to begin with. What a revolutionary!

Kit Barth
Kit Barth6 years ago

Jackasses like this macy's day parade ballon, are almost done with their 15 minutes of notoriety. We only have to ignore them a little longer, and then, they will just dry up and blow away. Right Sarah (the quiter).

Carolyn F.
Carolyn F.6 years ago

What an a$$. And I'm from Jersey, btw. Sigh.

Helen Delahunt-Avila
Helen Avila6 years ago

he looks acts and sounds like our state superintendent of schools in Idaho.. a really ignorant bully

K s Goh
KS Goh6 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Doug D.
Doug D6 years ago

He's a glutton for punishment....or is he just a glutton?

PJ Granieri
.6 years ago

boooooo booooo lmfao you fcktard christie ... you will get your's all in time, you will get all you deserve...glad to know you were boo-ed and we got the young ones again now that they know what your all about...this just made my day oh yeah mon I think I'll fly to Jamaica now and enjoy...