Clean Drinking Water From a Tea Bag Filter?

A group of researchers in South Africa has developed a new way to obtain clean drinking water. The recently revealed filter looks like a tea bag but contains activated carbon that removes dangerous chemicals found in water. In addition it costs only half a cent to use, a remarkable feat considering other technologies can cost at least $100.

Unfortunately it can only be used for 1 liter of water before it needs to be discarded. Still this is a significant development for the nearly 1 billion people without access to clean drinking water and 2.6 billion without access to sanitary facilities.

Dr. Eugene Cloete and his team at Stellenbosch University explain their “tea bag” filter in the video:



Kate P.
Kate Pilletteri7 years ago

This is yet another short term solution. The people who need these are paying a half a cent for what? Something they will have to replace over and over again? We need longer term solutions! Our device will make safe drinking for $.004/gallon and uses a UV bulb that will last 8,000 hours or 250,000 gallons. When that bulb is replaced, the device can treat water at $.0004/gallon. We need to look farther than just today if we are going to help these people get better and move out of poverty.

Jana T.
Shona Mallaghan7 years ago

I hope they start giving these bags to countries they need them!

Vivianne Mosca-Clark

the filters seem to be good. I think the filters can be recycled, maybe composted. Good to see people staring to gett a handle on clean water.

Andre W.
Andre W7 years ago

This looks great but what happens to the bag/filters when they are done? Are they biodegradable etc?

marianne t.

Fantastic, great invention. Hope it will save a lot of people very quickly.

jane richmond
jane richmond7 years ago

thanks. See what research can do

Verity P.
7 years ago

What about including the purchase of one of these filters as something that can be done with butterfly points?

Dorothy Ferguson
Dorothy Ferguson7 years ago

Clean water is clean water, an excellent invention and it
should be distributed!

7 years ago

Wonderful and so good to see that he tests it on himself~!

Mary C.
Mary C7 years ago

Thanks for this story. It's a good step forward.