Clear The Way, Here Comes Kerrey

When former Nebraska Senator Bob Kerrey decided in the end to enter the 2012 senate race, he wasn’t alone. But soon he may be.

Chuck Hassebrook, who was also running in the primary, has decided to step aside rather than put the party through a battle. Saying he realized he would not succeed, Hassebrook has left the race and endorsed Kerrey.

But Republicans are calling it shenanigans and more signs of “backdoor deals.” “First Bob Kerrey cut a secret deal with [Senate Majority Leader] Harry Reid and now he struck some type of agreement with Chuck Hassebrook to clear the Democrat field for the primary, said state Sen. Deb Fischer, who is running for the Republican endorsement.

The Reid deal is a reference to allegations that Reid agreed to some sort of pot sweetener for Kerrey if he would agree to return to the race and run for Democratic Senator Ben Nelson’s seat. However, Kerrey has made it clear that there was no actual “deal” other than was that his seniority “would be considered” when it comes to committee placements if he wins the election, but there were no guarantees. As for fundraising help, Reid was non-committal.

Ben Nelson will be retiring at the end of 2012.

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Eternal Gardener
Eternal G5 years ago


Frances C.
Frances C5 years ago

John B. I agree with you. John Kerry and Max Cleland both heroes, with one losing limbs in the Vietnam war, were horribly maligned by the Bush/Cheney/Rove gang. Bob Kerrey is also a hero, he was a Seal in the military. We need men like this in office..

kelly rahach
kelly r5 years ago

This man looks honest and well-thought out. We need all of that we can get. Good luck to him.

John B.
John Bonetti5 years ago

I pray that Senator Kerry does not get attacked the way Max Cleveland was savaged. For anybody to do so to a Medal of Honor Recipient would be truly disgraceful, and should not be tolerated.

Cheryl M.
Cheryl M5 years ago

With due respect for Chuck Hassebrook, he had no name recognition. There are several Republicans to duke it out in the primary. Former Gov. Kerrey and former Sen. Kerrey has a proven record. He could reason with both sides of the aisle and was known in Washington as a good guy. Of course they're afraid of him. Bob Kerrey has said that he will not be an automatic winner. And we all know that you have to have money to get elected in this country. We may not like it, but that's the way it is. Kerrey can no doubt raise more money than Mr. Hassebrook. Our Nebraska primary is in May. Vote now and in every election.

Kathryn E.
Kathryn E.5 years ago

I'm going with Kerrey the Republicans are afraid of him; so watch for the PAC to start hitting at him. Nebraskan's know Kerrey and they trust him we can not say the same for the Republicans who all want that TransCanada XL pipeline to go through Nebraska for some reason because we sure aren't going to benefit from it.
Send all the Republicans home and elect Progressives to fix this mess we are in. It's because of them we are in this mess. They know it and the people know it at least the ones who can still think logically about what is happening. If you vote for the party of NO your voting against yourselves.

Diane Piecara
Diane Piecara5 years ago

Go, Kerrey!

John C.
John C.5 years ago

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Daniel Aldouby
Danield A5 years ago

How about we citizens make a deal with each other. Let us deal the GOP governors, and legislators at federal and state levels out of government. Then let us deal to do something for all of us. It is about time.

Dylan Thomas
Dylan Thomas5 years ago

backroom wheeling and dealing is always going on in inter-party politics and by both parties.