Colorado Civil Unions Bill Plodding On


Colorado Senate lawmakers advanced on Tuesday a bill to legalize civil unions in the state.

The bill, Senate Bill 2, received a 5-4 party line vote in the Senate Appropriations committee, all Democrats on the panel voting in favor and all Republicans voting against. Prospects for the bill appear good in the Senate but a Republican majority looms in the House.

Reports Fox 31:

With Democrats holding a 20-15 edge in the chamber, the bill is assured of passing and heading onto the GOP-controlled House, where the same proposal died last year in a committee hearing before ever reaching the House floor.

With at least a few Republican House members indicating support for the bill, House Speaker Frank McNulty’s only real chance to kill the legislation will come in committee; if the legislation reaches the House floor, it’ll be on its way to Gov. John Hickenlooper’s desk.

In response LGBT rights group One Colorado issued the following statement:

“Civil unions will allow all committed couples to share in the responsibilities and protections that most families take for granted. Our society is stronger when we promote personal responsibility and taking care of one another, and civil unions do just that.

“We applaud the members of the Senate Appropriations Committee who voted to affirm that all families are worthy of dignity and respect. We look forward to bipartisan passage on the floor of the Senate.

“In the coming days and weeks, we’re committed to working to ensure a fair hearing in the Colorado House of Representatives. Issues of significant importance with overwhelming public support like civil unions deserve a full and fair hearing with an up-or-down vote by the entire House.”

One Colorado leads a coalition of 135 organizations and 200 faith leaders in support of civil unions. Together, the coalition represents more than 1 million Coloradans. This broad base of support illustrates that civil unions are an important issue not just for gay and lesbian organizations but for communities and leaders of faith, civil rights groups, business leaders, labor organizations, women’s rights groups, and public health organizations.

A number of Republicans outside of the House have said they support the bill, but few Republican lawmakers have been willing to even consider supporting the legislation when it comes up for a vote and none have wanted to be co-sponsors.

A poll released last week found 75% of Colorado voters support recognizing gay couples with marriage (47%) or civil unions (28%). Only 22% said there should be no legal recognition for same-sex relationships.


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Wesley Struebing
Wesley Struebing5 years ago

One hoipes, but consider these repubs are many of the same people that caused Santorum to win in Colorado.

Ellen Mccabe
Ellen m5 years ago

I agree John.
But i think "civil union" is a cop-out that creates a "second-class citizen" status, so i want to see marriage on the books everywhere.

And to make it all the more ridiculous, here in WA. where they just passed the marriage bill. even though i am straight i WANT a civil union for the benefits, NOT marriage, but have to wait until one of us turns 62...and two years is a long time to wait when one is fighting cancer for two years already.
But at least i have the option that everyone should have...

John B.
John B5 years ago

Good news so far but in my humble opinion the bill will not pass in the GOP led House. More homophobia from the GOP.