Colorado Governor’s Race: Still Three

The deadline has passed, and the governor’s race is set in Colorado: John Hickenlooper will represent the Democrats, Tom Tancredo will be running as Constitution Party, and despite a lot of public pressure, Dan Maes is still on the Republican ticket.

Tom Tancredo was one of the first to ask Maes to step down, stating that he would leave the race as well if Maes would let a “better candidate” run on the GOP ticket instead.  But as Maes’s campaign started to get further embroiled in scandal, Tancredo stopped being the loan voice calling for the Tea Party Republican to step aside.

Maes had issues with campaign finance violations,but still managed to pull out a primary win over Former U.S. Rep. Scott McInnis, who had issues of his own when it was discovered that he was a plagerist, thanks to support of the Tea Party activists in the state.  But the latest public scandal involved Maes’s resume.

Via the Associated Press:

Colorado gubernatorial hopeful Dan Maes’ murky past in law enforcement in neighboring Kansas has become the latest distraction in his gaffe-ridden campaign.

Maes has claimed he was fired by the police department in Liberal in the 1980s because police and politicians were corrupt, and he told supporters that he worked undercover for state investigators gathering information on a local bookmaking ring.

But the Kansas Bureau of Investigation denies Maes ever worked for them, and Liberal’s police department won’t talk about Maes.

Today was the final deadline for submitting the Republican slate of candidates for the state, and criticism of Maes got even harsher.  Ken Buck, party nominee for Senate and another Tea Party candidate, actually stepped up and demanded Maes remove himself from the ballot before it was too late.

“After having a lengthy conversation with Dan Maes, it is clear to me that Dan is struggling to determine the best path for his campaign, his family and for Colorado,” said Buck in a statement. “I have decided that I can no longer support his candidacy for governor of Colorado.”

Buck’s statement comes after revelations Maes had embellished his resume about his business background and accused a Denver bike-sharing program of being an undercover plot orchestrated by the United Nations to advance an environmentalist agenda.

Still, the 5 p.m. Mountain deadline came and went, but despite all criticism, Maes has decided to soldier on with his campaign.  Also via the Associate Press:

Republican Dan Maes, Democrat John Hickenlooper and American Constitution Party candidate Tom Tancredo are officially on the November ballot in the race for Colorado governor.

Secretary of State Bernie Buescher certified the list Friday. Buescher says any changes to the ballot would have to come from county clerks from all 64 counties.

Maes has pledged to stay in the race despite efforts by Republicans to recruit someone they feel would have a better chance of winning. They are concerned about Maes’ series of embarrassing missteps that culminated with bizarre claims about his shadowy undercover law enforcement career in Kansas in the 1980s.

 Hickenlooper currently holds a significant lead in the three way race.

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selwyn m.
selwyn m7 years ago

G-D help Family-Pets if that Murderer Hinklepooper becomes Governor.

Judy B.
Judy Blaisdell7 years ago

"loan voice" is that prophetic?

Lynn C.
Lynn C7 years ago

I voted no because more dissension in the Rep. party gives me hope the Dems can win!

Tom Rose
Thomas Rose7 years ago

Some choice? Tancredo? Maes? Dems stepped into this one!

Philippa P.
Philippa P7 years ago


Michelle B.
Michelle B.7 years ago

Whatever happened to the best man that is qualified to be elected as the governor of such a fine state as Colorado? The whole system has been corrupted by power mongers, and greedy politicians that just want to "clean-up" at our expense! Clean yourselves up and fight for the right reasons America!

Jessie M.
Jessie M7 years ago

Thanks for the article.

selwyn m.
selwyn m7 years ago

Glenna Herr Hinklepooper is guilty of a Genocidal attacks. on Family-Pets in Denver.In a perfect world he would be criminally charged,we know we do not live in a perfect world,there are still politicians.

Alberta Gentleman


Glenna Jones-kachtik
Glenna Kachtik7 years ago

Selwyn, just curious...what makes Hickenlooper a neo-nazi?