Colorado is Winning at Gun Control

States’ rights advocates must be wondering what they got themselves into in Colorado right about now. With Congress unable to get anything done at all, let alone substantial progress on gun safety reform state legislatures are stepping in and passing their own reforms. In the case of New York, this kind of thing is to be expected. But substantive gun reform coming out of a libertarian-minded state like Colorado? That’s an entirely different story.

The Democratic-controlled Colorado House of Representatives recently approved a package of gun-safety reforms. The bills, which will now go before the Democratic-controlled Senate, require background checks for all gun purchases (to be paid for by applicants), a ban on ammunition magazines with more than 15 rounds and a measure to allow colleges in the state to ban concealed weapons on campus. Gov. John Hickenlooper (D) has said he supports the magazine limits and universal background checks but had not made up his mind on the college campus ban.

Opponents of the bill accused lawmakers of taking advantage of the tragedy of Newtown, Aurora and the thousands of other gun deaths that happen in this country to strip citizens of their Second Amendment rights. Of course. A gun grab. “This bill is taking advantage of a tragedy that’s out there to demonize law-abiding citizens who are exercising their Second Amendment rights, and using it as a way to generate $4 million to $5 million in increased taxes on these people,” said Rep. Brian DelGrosso, R-Loveland.

The issue is especially loaded for Colorado because Magpul Industries, an Erie-based maker of gun magazines, has threatened to leave the state if the bill limiting magazines to 15 rounds becomes law. An amendment to the law says manufacturers could still make high-capacity magazines for out-of-state sale, but that’s not good enough for opponents of the bill. Of course, nothing would be, would it?

Should these measures pass and become law, and there’s plenty of reason to think they will in some fashion, the first significant crack in the frontier-myth of masculinity and firearms will have been exposed and the narrative shifted. Gun evangelists, like their religious counterparts, may finally be on the retreat in the culture wars.

The extend to which the NRA and its minions have been caught flat-footed on the state fight is rather astonishing, unless of course you remember the November 2012 election and the level of disbelief Republicans had at just how badly they lost. Conservative ideologues pursued a states’ rights agenda in opposition to federal policies–like civil rights laws–they disliked and a conservative Supreme Court was all to happy to enable that pursuit. Now that state legislatures are turning more Democratic lets see if conservative enthusiasm for local control continues.


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Photo from Mojave Desert via flickr.


Past Member
Past Member 2 years ago

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Rokcy Less
Past Member 3 years ago

Colorado set of invasive laws which recently approved a bundle of gun-safety reforms.
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John Coleman
John Coleman4 years ago

David K: Apparently they can fly and be let back into the country after a trip to Russia to pick up additional terror tactics and pointers since the Boston bomber was. Seems like a total failure of the alleged "security system" as practiced by Dear Leader Obama's inept bureaucracy. As to the check, apparently he got hi gun illegally and was also subject to MA gun laws that are some of the most strict in the country. No indication that the basis for trhe bombs contained anything currently illegal as so far reported. BTW, the form you fill out to purchase does ask about that status and the failure then would be the US government not populating the current insta-check database with the data. Your stats also fail to say how many people were prosecuted for violating other laws on those purchases.

Scott haakon
Scott haakon4 years ago

Colorado is an example of panic legislation. It is very poor set of intrusive laws that are not only unenforceable but foolish. While Colorado does have better than Canadian laws allowing people to defend them selves much still needs to be done. Repeal of all those laws would be a step in the right direction.
Too many people are ignorant of even where their food comes from. There is a large area to cover just in the metro Denver and environs and the law enforcement cannot get there is may rural outlying ares quickly.
TV and movies portray an unreal scene. After all they are not supposed to. Most people do not spend hours a week in gun skill training. But the fact that most young have never handled a gun is in itself a problem.

Linda McKellar
Past Member 4 years ago

Getting back to the topic at hand, gun control, many Canadians own guns. We are quite happy with rifles and shotguns. If the gov't ever did decide to "enslave" the US, what good would their weapons be against tanks, planes, etc. or will they be the next thing on the Christmas list? Also, do you really think soldiers who are your neighbours, friends and "heroes" would obey orders to subjugate their own people which would include their own friends and family? The US isn't a gathering of disparate tribes (although sometimes I wonder) like the Congo where people would turn on their own is it? I just don't see why someone needs a gun that fire more than a dozen rounds tops.

Linda McKellar
Past Member 4 years ago

Well said Josephine.The "chosen few" already rule the US. Some folks refuse to see it. eg, Koch Brs, GE, banks, all kinds of corporations.The American people don't rule anything in their own country in spite of what they may think & it's not due to Obama, Bush or anyone in particular because they were elected due to financial support by huge conglomerates. Nowhere else in the world do PRIVATE interests contribute so much to elections, MILLIONS to run for office in the US. Does that mean you or I could be elected? Absolutely not...never! Does anyone really believe these contributors did so for the good of the country? HA! They did for their own interests.Same with foreign invasions - financial gain & strategic control in areas of financial interests.Then they hide $$$ in offshore tax havens, pay a small % tax on what they can't hide & then bitch about it!So much for "Socialist dictators".They are fascist dictators.The dictionary definition of fascism, if one looks it up, fits the US to a "t".Dictators are dictators regardless of the categorization.

Josephine T.
Josephine T4 years ago

Robby C wrote: "I doubt true socialism would ever work in America. Here it would be a 'chosen few' ruling the masses under equivalent poverty- a dictator-type socialist state."

That's what we've been moving toward since the Reagan years. Although neither party is blameless in this regard, the GOP is far more culpable. There are a few people with most of the money, that's been given to them by years and years of tax cuts and loopholes, who are controlling the lobbyists in DC and from whose ranks our so-called representatives largely come from and return to - if they ever retire from "public service". Those people are making the decisions, and those people are very much in favor of keeping the vast amount of wealth in as few hands as possible. We'll never get to Socialism, not while pure greed is running rampant.

As far as 60 rounds per minute, you don't need to aim with that - just spray side-to-side. It's pretty easy to harm or kill a lot of people that way. No one needs to be able to fire off that many rounds that quickly.

Robby C.
Past Member 4 years ago

Linda- I appreciate your comment. Unfortunately, I doubt true sociaslism would ever work in America. Here it would be a "chosen few" ruling the masses under equivalent poverty- a dictator-type socialist state. Look at Obama- just a few steps closer to dictator than GW. As for guns firing 60rds/min, that's a rate of fire & not that big of a deal. Accuracey at that rate is very unlikely by most shooters, w/out years of practice- something else altogether. Go fire a gun w/a light, short trigger & see how difficult it is to actually squeeze the trigger once a second & actually hit a milk jug or a 2'x2' paper target. The average person certainly can't do it for any length of time. 10 rds or so is about it, plus, again- accuracy is the key & even fewer could come close to that at such a rate of fire from a full-auto. It's been said that in war, somewhere near 600rds are often fired to get one kill shot (not counting snipers of course). So basically, full autos are used to sweep the enemy into retreat, or at to immobilize them, while the heavy artillery is pulled into place for the kill. But in regular self-defense, I've seen the Candian way.

This poor Candian guy had all kinds of trouble for defending himself against people fire-bombing his own home, despite the video footage he had of the attack. He STILL faced charges but it sounds like he was eventually aquitted, thankfully.

David Anderson
David Anderson4 years ago

Carla v.
11:20pm PST on Feb 25, 2013
Damn, I see I arrived just in time for the Wanda B show.

You have my most insincere sympathy. I understand that it is difficult to deal with someone using facts and reason when you bring an emotional appeal against inanimate objects which can be demonstrated faulty in numerous regards.

Lori Ann Hone
Lori Hone4 years ago

The answers are there, just need some common sense to replace the arrogant idealizum