Education Care2 Members: Comment on Obama in Oslo

Come here and add your thoughts on President Obama’s Nobel Address and its message.  PLEASE GO TO THE COMMENT PAGE SO ALL COMMENTS ARE IN THE SAME PLACE.

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amber m.
amber m8 years ago

hahh, i agree with bryan:)

amber m.
amber m8 years ago

oh bryan:)
i agree.

gerlinde p.
gerlinde p8 years ago

i hope he gets to show that he deserved it. i guess it`s more a burden than anything,there`s some high expectations he has to live up to now. i wish him all the luck he needs to acclompish.

Lionel Mann
Lionel Mann8 years ago

For the leader of a nation at war to receive the Nobel Peace Prize makes a mockery of the award.
In his short time in office President Obama has done a great deal to improve the badly-tarnished image of the U.S.A., but he has undone so much of that good work by perpetuating a couple of acts of brutal aggression initiated by ignorant cowboys who deliberately misinformed the gullible populace in order to gain its acceptance of their rapacious activities. It was very disappointing to see one in whom so much hope had been placed yielding to the demands of the warmongering clique. There was never any justification for going to war in either Iraq or Afghanistan. Iraq had no WMD and the Taliban has never posed any threat to the U.S.A. The tentacles of al Qaeda spread around the world and anybody who believes that Osama bin Laden is skulking in a cave in Waziristan needs his head read. Has anybody ever asked why 9/11 happened and therefore set about remedying the causes of "terrorism"?
That would really justify a Peace Prize.

Hilda Perrett
Hilda Perrett8 years ago

he did not start the war and unfortunately cannot just walk away from it ,I think and hope his intentions are good ,also he didn't ask for the award lets hope he is given the chance to show he deserves it

Janice Dibrell
Janice Dibrell8 years ago

I don't believe that Mr. Obama has accomplished anything that would warrant him th ePrize. His health plan, although it is a noble cause, will be supported by the hourly and wage earners of this nation. Aren't we burdoned enough, say with welfare and food stamp programs that we are already supporting. Let's not forget about housing and auto manufacturers. Where is the relief for the backbone of this nation? HELP! we're drowning in government bailouts. Who's going to help us? We're already losing our cars and homes. We just can't support any more deadbeats. Give the milliion dollars to the public.

MAXIMILLIAN F G8 years ago

Unfortunately- the American-Public(Skeptics)-have a 'very short memory' and 'Are in Complete and utter Denial'...Remember This- We allowed Bush to Nail the U S to the Wall for eight-long years...Where were You when Bush was 'digging America's Grave'---Right there-Cheering him on!!! Selective memory is a wonderful thing- isn't it...As for President Obama and the Nobel Peace Prize (Congratulations)-He got IT!- no matter what you Bushies think or say-Frankly / I think it's all just 'SOUR GRAPES' and a real 'jib-jab' at the Bush presidency-I mean-'Bush-Debacle'!

Juer Kup

Think it's a good idea to donate him the prize. I wish him good luck for all his duties

Barbara E.
Barbara E.8 years ago

He got it now earn it!

Hannah W.
Hannah W.8 years ago

Personally, I don't think he deserved it.