Commerce with Compassion at Dharma Merchants

Credit cards aren’t something typically associated with dharma  (right actions).  However one B Corporation is revolutionizing what it means to be in the credit card processing industry. Dharma Merchants, tired of the sector’s history of deceptive business practices, is a completely transparent company focused on serving the green market, social entrepreneurs and spiritual communities. President Jeff Marcous sought a company that gives back to the community and Dharma Merchants certainly fits the bill. Ten percent of full processing gross profits are donated to charity, before paying expenses. Additionally, this B Corp focuses on aligning with trusted partners and constantly following the principle of dharma, with a focus on intention, marketplace, ethics and pricing. 

Dharma Merchants is built around the mission, “Commerce with compassion”. This concept shapes everything they do, as do principles based on sacred commerce. Business and spiritual practices are brought together as one.  For this B Corp, it is not about what one does, but how.

B Corp Certification was the perfect mark of trust and intention for Dharma Merchants. B Corp Certification not only gives credibility, but acts as a representation of how Dharma Merchants operates. Additionally, community is very meaningful for this company. Aligning with other credible organizations creates a community focused on doing the right thing. This is the very essence of dharma: right intentions, right speech and right action. 

As the sustainable industry grows, so does Dharma Merchants. And this growth is happening at a rapid pace. Furthermore, in continuation of its efforts to support the community, Dharma Merchants will work to educate and assist companies looking to act in a more sustainable way. Credit card processing is not the most typical route to a greener business and it’s time people learn about this less traditional option. 

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Photo courtesy of Robert Scoble via Flickr


Rosemary G.
Rosemary Graf6 years ago

Good more ideas for sharing.

Jennifer C.
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Zee Kallah
.6 years ago

" Vanity of vanities, all is vanity" whined mega-rich King Solomon.

I asked my soul "Is there anything that is not vanity...(having no real or lasting value)?

"There are 3 things not vain" my soul replied.

1. growing spiritually - with compassion for self
2. serving others - without expectations
3. loving Creator - with a heart of gratitude

So may it be.


Elizabeth M.
Elizabeth M6 years ago

Very interesting! Thank You Katie.

Barbara V.
Barbara V6 years ago

Dharma means "the word of the Buddha." This is right on with me. And unusual and refreshing in a society like this.

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