Morning Mix: Congress Stinks And The GOP Is To Blame

Although the number of people who think that all incumbents should just be thrown out of office is as low as ever, the blame as to why Congress is so dysfunctional is starting to change, and it’s something the Republicans had better hope they can counter.

According to the latest Pew Research polling, the GOP leaders are being more and more seen as the root of government’s failure to accomplish anything, and the party is almost twice as often viewed as “extreme and uncompromising” in compared to the Democrats.

“The Republican Party is taking more of the blame than the Democrats for a do-nothing Congress. A record-high 50% say that the current Congress has accomplished less than other recent Congresses, and by nearly two-to-one (40% to 23%) more blame Republican leaders than Democratic leaders for this. By wide margins, the GOP is seen as the party that is more extreme in its positions, less willing to work with the other side to get things done, and less honest and ethical in the way it governs. And for the first time in over two years, the Democratic Party has gained the edge as the party better able to manage the federal government,” according to Pew.

Chris Cillizza says this could be dire news for the Republican party. “If the election next November is a referendum on Congress and its performance such as it is the Republican majority could be in trouble,” he writes.

But The Hill disagrees. “[W]hile Democrats might be outpacing Republicans in terms of favorability, that might best be characterized as tripping over a low bar. Only 23 percent of those not affiliated with a party approve of the Democratic leadership, and just as many Independents say that ‘neither’ party can solve the nation’s problems as either the Democrats or Republicans.”

And although incumbents fair better than general candidates, they still have reason to fret about their own voter support. “Members should be very worried about their reelection prospects: The 50 percent who want their own member to lose in 2012 is the same percentage as the all-time high recorded in 2010, when 58 members lost their reelection bids.”

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Charlene Rush
Charlene Rush6 years ago

So what else is new???

Glenn M.
Glenn Meyer6 years ago

The Corpublicans desperately need the Christian Right and the NRA to maintain popular support for their corporate ascendancy policies. With fanatic blinders on, as long as they get what they want, they will ignore almost everything else that is not in their best interests.

Bonnie m.
Bonnie mutchler6 years ago

They're all the same. There is no Republicans or Democrats anymore. They're all just corporate puppets

Brian F.
Brian F6 years ago

Republicans are to blame for everything bad that has happened in America. Their ignorant moron Bush, and his unpaid for wars based on lies, and tax cuts for the rich have destroyed the middle class, and forced millions into poverty, while the richest Americans have increased their wealth to an all time high level. The republican congress and our republican Supreme Court, just protect the rich, and are bought and paid for by corporate special interest. The republican congress just blocks everything Obama tries to pass, so they can get power and destroy social security, medicare, the EPA, assault womens rights, destroy unions, and criminalize poor people. This republican congress is criminal, and practices insider stock trading, as well as taking money from big corporate polluters like the billionare Koch brothers, to destroy the EPA, and allow coal, and natural gas companies to pollute our air and water.

Patrick F.
Patrick f6 years ago

The GOP are just nasty bugs that suck your blood until you are dry. They actually think you should agree with them that people are just livestock for their ultra rich friends to use to make even more money they don't need.

Joe L.
Joe Lade6 years ago

Obama needs more spine and to realize that the 99% are tired of waiting for the change that he promised when he was elected. The 99% need more spine and to realize that the economic phylosophy of the GOP is the root of our problems.
It is time to give Obama the majority and authority he needs to make a change. And time that we hold his feet to the fire and make him honour his promises.

Ira L.
Ellie L6 years ago

Reelect President Obama with a filibuster-proof Democrat majority in the House and Senate. THEN, and ONLY THEN can we, the People get to witness the Change Obama has promised. No more obstruction to everything he wanted. No more evil, deceptive lies to distort everything the president said and worked towards, and whose back has been against a brick wall from Day One. Down with the extremist republican-tbagger party protecting the 1%. (GOP: Greedy One Percent) We are one election away from fascism, and one election away from America turning into Nazi Germany. Scary. PLEASE VOTE DEMOCRAT AND SAVE AMERICA.

Barbara V.
Barbara V6 years ago

Yes, the Repugs are bad news. But WHO voted them in?

Marilyn L.
Marilyn L6 years ago


Keevin Shultz
Keevin Shultz6 years ago