Connecticut Lawmakers: Abortion Is Essential Health Benefit

The state of Connecticut took a promising step forward and declared abortion to be an “essential health benefit” for purposes of insurance coverage, meaning the procedure will be provided for in the health exchange the state is creating under the Affordable Care Act.

This issue is favorably resolved for all women now in Connecticut,” said Jennifer Jaff, executive director of the group Advocacy for Patients with Chronic Illness and a member of an advisory committee of the Insurance Exchange Health Plan. “Stripping women of elective abortions is not a tenable option.

Under the health care reform bill, starting in 2014 all health plans across the country must cover certain essential health benefits, and each state gets to determine how far those minimum levels of coverage reach. In Connecticut every private health insurance plan already covers elective abortions, but the federal employee plan, which many state exchange policies are being modeled after, does not.

Predictably anti-choice groups are upset by the move, arguing that by requiring insurance plans cover abortions the state is compelling someone to pay for something to which they object. Of course, that’s the problematic nature of group risk. Furthermore, there is no state law that requires residents to purchase the essential benefits package, as does the federal law.

It’s a big win for women not just because now all needed abortions will be covered by insurance, but because in passing the measure unanimously those on the Connecticut health panel made it clear that they understand that abortion is at its most fundamental the possible outcome of any pregnancy which means it makes good public health and good economic sense to make sure it’s safely available and completely affordable.

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Tony C.
Tony C5 years ago

I can not conceive of the anguish a girl or women goes through when she decides to have an abortion. I don't believe that God wants a girl or women who has been raped to have a child of a rapist or of incest or medical complications or others to have a baby UNLESS she wants to. (HER CHOICE) It is a proven fact that SEX EDUCATION can help prevent abortions through knowledge so that women don’t get pregnant or sexually transmitted diseases that can KILL your child.
As some of you believe that life begins at conception, then you must believe that they have a soul. If a women has a miscarriage what happens to that soul? Do you think that God is so petty that aborted souls are not put back into the bodies of women that can LOVE and take care of them.
Listen up people. God did not write the Bible, men wrote the Bible and put in or took out words that would keep them in power. What happened to the other apostles. All I hear about are gospels from Matthew,Mark, Luke and John. Were there not 12? Is it not possible that some of the words that these 8 wrote contradicted these 4 and were left out. God and Jesus are all about LOVE. How dare anyone tell a woman what she can or can not do with her own body.

Carole H.
Carole H5 years ago

well done Connecticut - in UK we pay a national insurance stamp that covers all our health needs through the National Health Service which is great (although is now under threat from our current right wing toffee nosed tories with their millionaire leaders). That said it is a great system run by the government for the health of all in the nation not just the privileged few.

Deborah Vitek
Deborah Vitek5 years ago

Wow, Connecticut must be where the few remaining intelligent people in the U.S. live!

Nessie Benjamin
Nessie B5 years ago

It only makes sense - why can't others see that too?

Julia W.
Julia W5 years ago

There are some wise people in Connecticut. Thank goodness for reasonableness and intelligence.

Edith B.
Edith B5 years ago

Bravo for Connecticut!

Carolyn S.
Carolyn S5 years ago

And for all the conservatives out there, that doesn't mean 'forced abortions'. No on really wants to have an abortion!

There are some smart people in Connecticut!

Mari Garcia
Mari Garcia5 years ago

Luis O. you know what is the anti-thesis of healthcare? Cute using a big word to sound smart by the way, see what is a actual anti-thesis to healtare is illegal abortions. Women, teenage girls, getting broke bottles, rusty wire hangers, and god know what else, shoved up their vaginal openings, at an attempt to cause a miscarriage. See what actually happens is they poke through the top of the vagina or cervix, being that they have no idea about anatomy beyond a picture in a book, and cause the woman to bleed to death or die of an infetion. It is a very painful experience and very inhumane. See, thing about outlawing things, is that it doesn't stop. It is illegal to smoke pot, and I have smoked enough pot to get a small town high as balls. Name a law that isn't broke and I will give you a medal.

Sarah H. abortion is a right AND a choie. Your whole arguement is absurd. How about all those kids in foster care or orphanges throughout the world waiting for a loving home? The rest of your arguement is too stupid to pay attention to.

Steve R, health insurance covers IVF, how is that medically neccisary?

Kimberly G, how about educating boys to stop getting women pregnant and not taking responsiblity? How about stop being such a judgemental snob and talk to single moms with "baby daddy" issues?

Heather O.
Heather O5 years ago

Bravo Connecticut!!!!!!!!!!

Winn Adams
Winn Adams5 years ago