Conservatives Hate ‘Snowflakes’ But Chose the Biggest One to Be President

If you read right-leaning websites these days, you’ll find it’s almost impossible to avoid the word “snowflake.” It’s become conservatives’ favorite derogatory term to describe young, liberal Americans– allegedly millennials incorrectly consider themselves special and unique, get easily offended and seek “safe spaces,” are whiny sore losers that are brimming with entitlement and can’t cope without participation trophies.

Perhaps this criticism would seem a little more valid had conservatives not just elected the biggest snowflake of all to be president.

That’s right, the more I hear why millennials are supposedly disgraceful snowflakes, the more I can’t help but wonder why the right doesn’t recognize those same qualities in Donald Trump. Aside from his age, he could be a textbook example of all the qualities the right claims to despise:

1. Considers Himself Special and Unique

While the right reviles millennials for thinking too highly of themselves, Trump spent a year-and-a-half on the campaign trail claiming to be the best at, well, everything. Despite that his incessant boasts were verifiably untrue, his supporters ate these narcissistic claims up.

2. Easily Offended

Surely you’ve seen Trump’s Twitter account. For a man who goes on the attack on a regular basis, he also gets petulantly defensive when anyone has an unkind word directed toward him. Heck, the mere mention of his small hands is enough to set him off!

More recently, he’s been calling for Saturday Night Live, a show he hosted a year ago, to get cancelled because of its “unfunny” (but wildly popular) depiction of him. By virtue of their position, sitting presidents are the most lampooned people in the country, and Trump has got to be kidding himself that he’d somehow be immune from satire and comedic portrayals. Grow some thicker skin, snowflake!

3. Safe Space-Seeker

When a cast member from the Broadway musical Hamilton told VP-elect Mike Pence that he hoped the new administration would “uphold our American values and work on behalf of all of us,” Trump flew into a tizzy on Twitter, inexplicably calling those words harassment.

Trump argued that the “theater must always be a safe and special place,” directly calling for the same kind of safe haven for which his supporters criticize liberals.

4. Whiny

This point is hardly up for debate since Trump confessed to being the “most fabulous whiner” and even declared that trait to be a good way to ultimately get what he wants.

5. Sore Loser

Kellyanne Conway mocked Trump protesters as “snowflakes” for being unwilling to accept the election results, but she might want to reexamine what a sore loser really looks like. When the polls showed him behind, Trump refused to say he would concede if he lost, though he admit that he would accept the election results if he won.

Worse than that, Trump showed himself to be a sore winner, too. Trump won the Electoral College, but was clearly so enraged over losing the popular vote that he claimed he would have won that contest, too, if not for the fact that millions of people voted illegally. There is no factual basis for that claim.

6. Entitled

Trump likes to portray himself as a self-made businessman, while ignoring the fact that he inherited a lot of his wealth from his father, as well as a supposedly “small” million-dollar loan from the same man. I suppose it’s possible that he thinks this still qualifies him as a man of humble beginnings, but that just shows how obliviously entitled he is.

What also reeks of entitlement is the fact that a man with no experience in government or the military believed he should jump right to the top and become president of the United States. On top of that, he seemed to have little understanding of what a president even does and made offers during his campaign to pass off the real presidential responsibilities to other people. That sounds like a man who wants the glory without having to do the actual work.

7. Participation Trophies

When older generations get mad at younger generations needing “participation trophies,” it’s usually best to look at which generation is actually handing them out. Trump is perpetuating this cycle by indulging in nepotism and allowing his daughter Ivanka to sit in on a diplomatic call with the president of Argentina.

Let’s be honest – there is not another politician in the country who would consult the Trump children for political advice. Trump’s decision to keep his kids close to the White House is a way of baselessly rewarding his children. During the campaign, he floated the idea of naming them to cabinet positions – probably unaware that such a move was illegal.

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Marie W
Marie Wabout a year ago

Thanks for sharing.

W. C
W. Cabout a year ago

Thank you for the article.

Janne O
Janne Oabout a year ago

Oh and in case you had forgotten: It will soon be President Trump. lol, I just thought I should remind you. I'm sure that will make your day :P

Janne O
Janne Oabout a year ago

"millennials incorrectly consider themselves special and unique, get easily offended and seek “safe spaces,” are whiny sore losers that are brimming with entitlement and can’t cope without participation trophies." Yup, that's millennials, "progressives" (anything but) and leftists alright.

Herbert C
Herbert Cabout a year ago

@ Rhoberta E I have a long way to go to be in Trump's tax bracket, but then who knows since he never released his returns. I think they estimated 2 billion in free media for Trump during the campaign, I'm not sure if that was his doing or the media covering the controversy to sell advertising. I do think in the long taking on the media will be a losing proposition for Trump. I don't want to look at everything he has done this week if I defend Trump anymore they need to put me on the staff.

Rhoberta E
Rhoberta Eabout a year ago

@ Herbert C
More bad press than Isis" ???
That's how he operates and how he ran /runs his campaign and life. He got billions of dollars of free air time and he planned it that way. Just like he is STILL doing !!!
The entertainment IS Trump and he thrives on the attention. Just look at what he has done this week alone.
He IS an actor craving attention and even now talks about himself non-stop.
You WILL get what you seem to deserve from him and unless you are in a matching tax bracket, you will NOT come out ahead.

Herbert C
Herbert Cabout a year ago

@ Rhoberta E. No I don't think the BBC, Canada and U.S. media get it completely wrong, but it seems Trump gets more bad press than Isis. Perhaps it's not based only on political bias. The media is very powerful in the U.S. and Trump has had an adversarial relationship with them from the start of his campaign. The news, like any other form of entertainment is driven by the need to sell advertizing dollars, they are far more dedicated to this than anything else. I do believe there are indeed many causes and effects from Trump's actions and comments, I just don't think they are all bad. Time will tell, he's not even in office yet.

Jen S.
Jen Sabout a year ago

Trump is all ego and no intellect. In that I am surrounded by a great many of the snowflakes these people deride, as a professor of history working primarily with graduate students, I would certainly favor any of mine against Trump or his gaggle of mediocre ideologues. My "snowflakes" really did and will graduate at the top of their classes, unlike Trump, who lied about his standing at Wharton.

Rhoberta E.
Rhoberta Eabout a year ago

@ Herbert C
I think you want to post accurate information but I am sick and tired of US citizens complaining about "Media bias". Do you honestly think that every news outlet both US, Canadian and BBC get it completely wrong?
There will be some who would believe the moon is made of bleu cheese but most reasonably intelligent people can sort out the wheat from the chaff. In this day and age we SEE it happening in real time.
If you don't think there is a cause and effect from everything Trump does, I'm quite sure even Canada has a bridge for you.
Here's another example. Trump and daughter both sat in on a meeting with the Japanese diplomat, next the richest Japanese CEO has a potential offer of 50 billion and 50,000 jobs for the US, Ivanka also has a business deal with Japan for her products, this same business man once wanted to buy Sprint but was denied by the Obama government and wasn't it amusing that Sprint stock went up yesterday as Boeing stock went down.
We are NOT living under a rock !!!

Siyus Copetallus
Siyus Copetallusabout a year ago

Thank you for sharing.