Contact Congress NOW for Paycheck Fairness

So Batgirl couldn’t convince you this weekend?  Well, it’s still not too late.  Congress is voting today on the Paycheck Fairness act, and a last minute call may be all your congress person needs to be convinced that voting yes is the right thing to do.

And why is it the right thing to do?

Because women still make 23 cents less on the dollar than male counterparts providing the exact same work.

Because women of color make even less, with Black women earning just 62 cents per dollar and Hispanic women only 53.

Because thanks to the “mancession” many families are relying solely on women as breadwinners, and unequal pay hurts them all.

And because frankly, it’s just plain fair!

Don’t know who to call or what to say?  Click here and visit Mom’s Rising, where they will give you a script, provide you with contact information, and walk you through the process.

A call will take a minute of your life, but can earn you thousands in just the next year when it comes to equal wages for equal work.

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W. C
W. C6 days ago

Thanks for caring.

William C
William C6 days ago

Thank you for the information.

Barbara Erdman
Barbara Erdman7 years ago


Laura Barmettler
Laura Barmettler7 years ago

Color me a pessimist. As long as the Republicans and men are in charge, we will be short changed. Remember, women and children first...

Beverly C.
Beverly C7 years ago

There should not be a question or argument as to that all people should make the same amount of money for the exact same work and responsibility.

Jul g.
Jul g.7 years ago

Fred, Fred. The pay disparity issue is not a myth. Farrel is the worst kind of wolf in sheep's clothing, pretending to be a feminist while managing to blame women for being discriminated against. He either doesn't understand statistics or willingly distorts them to push his agenda. Never mind his pro-incest writings, ugh! Here is a good website that refutes his writings.

Besides, who uses a book title called "Why men earn more" to say men don't earn more!?1??

Fred H.
Fred H7 years ago

This pay disparity issue is really a myth. In fact, even the government had a report which showed that the difference in male/female income is one of career choices made, not one of discrimination. (Of course, the Obama administration removed the report from the Dept of Labor website as soon as he took office.) The most thoroughly documented refutation of this myth is in Dr. Warren Farrell's book (Why Men Earn More).

You can always find anecdotes of individual women who earn less, but the overall statistics have been clear for a long time (and, you can find an equal number of individual men who earn less...if you look).

With the male unemployment rate higher than the female rate and with the economy so weak, the last thing we need is interference with the market based on sex-based mythology.

Jul g.
Jul g.7 years ago point is that this antiquated notion that stereotypically male work like garbage collection that is physically tiring should somehow be valued over stereotypically female skilled labor is wrong and needs to die a quick death. The amount of training, skill, intelligence, diplomacy, experience, and judgment, etc that go into secretarial work and other administrative tasks is so undervalued in our society it's ridiculous. And if a man should get an administrative job like a secretary's he will probably still get paid more that a woman with the same job simply because the person in HR who is in charge of compensation is probably a man, and will offer him more money via the hiring manager. Devaluing work that is seen as typically female, and underpaying women in general, has to stop.

Jul g.
Jul g.7 years ago

This is what galls me.. Sorry Michael B. who posted above, I don't know you but I can't stand your attitude. You say: "Equal pay for the "same work" is a no brainer. Be careful what they consider "equal work". In San Francisco, they argued that a secretary should be paid the same as a trash collector that lifts heavy objects all day in the cold at 5am.". The garbage collector does the same task all day. The secretary knows several forms of software (MS Word, Excel; Outlook; maybe Powerpoint & Publisher); she has to learn to operate & troubleshoot at least 3 kinds of office equipment (copier, scanner, fax); she uses a multiline phone system while doing the rest of her jobs; she has to maintain a professional demeanor regardless of what's going on around her; she must wear a professional wardrobe with no wardrobe or dry cleaning allowance; she probably holds keys to the office; she schedules meetings, sets up conference calls, has to know how to make good coffee, she orders office supplies, she types (duh), maybe takes dictation (does anyone but lawyers do that any more) and she has to prioritize all the above while making her boss look good even at her own professional expense. Oh, and in order to look right and get to work before everyone else does so she can set up her day, she gets up at 5 am, too. I can guarantee you that if you gave the secretary a uniform and 20 minutes training she could collect garbage, but he other way around? Forget it

Tim R.
Tim R7 years ago

You have unfairly concluded that all the workers in the stated class deserve a raise. There are already laws against sexual discrimination. If an individual deserves a raise, and has a case, then they only need to bring suit under current laws. Failure to do so otherwise is a lack of willingness on their part, or demonstrates the absence of evidence to make their case. In either case they don't deserve a raise. Additional legislation is not needed, and unnecessarily burdensome.