Convicted Rapists Were Released From Prison Because Their Victim was ‘Promiscuous’

In a story devastating in its familiarity, a court released convicted gang rapists because, young as they were, it would be a “travesty” to keep them in prison and their victim was “promiscuous” anyway.

Two judges at an Indian high court decided to suspend the sentences of three law students convicted in March of gang rape and blackmail, among other crimes. Hardik Sikri and Karan Chhabra were sentenced to 20 years in prison and Vikas Garg to seven.

Sikri had a month-long, consensual relationship with the unnamed victim in 2013. When she broke up with him, he spent the next 18 months using her nude photographs to blackmail and rape her and force her to have sex with his two friends, Chhabra and Garg.

All three appealed their convictions to the high court, and the court decided to grant them bail while their appeal was heard. That decision alone is horrific enough, but the statements the judges made about the release are nauseating.

“It would be a travesty if these young minds are confined to jail for an inordinate long period which would deprive them of their education, opportunity to redeem themselves and be a part of the society as normal beings,” they said.

They went on to describe the assault as a “misadventure stemming from a promiscuous attitude and a voyeuristic mind,” and stated that the victim’s “narrative does not throw up gut wrenching violence that normally precede or accompany such incidents.”

This case is tragically unoriginal. One only has to think back to Brock Turner to remember that this is not the first time a rapist’s future has been prioritized over justice and the victim’s wellbeing. Turner, convicted of rape, served only three months for his crime.

Or to the Steubenville rapists and how the media mourned their ruined futures.

Or to David Becker, who was convicted of rape and received only probation when the sentencing judge decided it would be wrong to ruin his life over a “mistake.”

Or Austin James Wilkerson or John Enochs or Nicholas Fifield, who all committed rape and walked away with a slap on the wrist or less. And these are just a few.

There will only be more and more names to add to this list, because we continue to show men that they can destroy women’s lives but their bright futures won’t be diminished at all.

The overwhelming message is that men should not be held responsible for their actions, no matter how heinous, but women should be blamed for simply living their lives, and it’s judges who are making this clear.

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This is sick.

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So unbelievably disgusting!

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Seems like we need only women judges....

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