‘Cool It’ Documentary Heats Up The Climate Debate

On Friday, Cool It, a controversial film by the creator of the “Skeptical Environmentalist” will premiere in theaters all over the country.

Although author Bjorn Lomborg isn’t a favorite topic of conversation among climate activists, his movie is meant to act as an antidote to the catastrophic, “end of the world” messages flooding the media.

In the film, award-winning filmmaker Ondi Timoner travels the world with Lomborg in search of the real facts and true science of global warming and its impact.

Watch the Cool It trailer!

Criticized by some who call it the “Anti-Inconvenient Truth,” Lomborg admits that while he accepts the reality of human-caused climate change, he rejects conventional thinking about fixing the problem.

Instead of wasting their efforts on global “feel-good” campaigns like Earth Hour, Lomborg suggests that ‘climate hawks‘ should focus their energy on driving down the costs of solar energy, ocean wave power, 4th generation nukes, and biofuels produced from non-edible feedstocks, so that they can compete with oil and coal (The Daily Green).

Although it might not make him popular among climate activists, Lomborg isn’t afraid to call out fear-mongers on both sides of the aisle. The “juvenile name-calling, ignoble tactics, and intellectual intransigence on both sides” only leave the public scared and confused, Lomborg wrote on the Cool It blog.

One thing that should be interesting to listen for in the movie is how Lomborg proposes to rustle up the political support needed to get the billions of dollars needed for the energy R&D he suggests as a solution.

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David N.
David N7 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Erik van Erne
.7 years ago


Bee ZZ
Past Member 7 years ago

Thanks for the article & quoting Dave C.

Steve P.
Steve P7 years ago

Until we address the population problem then we aren't seriously doing a damn thing.

Dave C.
David C7 years ago

lets do our best in everything we do especially when we work to save the earth.

Karina Eto
Kari E7 years ago

We need any an all actions to change it.
It's a pity some people only care for money and the easy way of doing things careless of the consequences.

steve cohn
steve cohn7 years ago

Lya, I agree, every increment, small and large is needed.
Stephen, I'm afraid that we ARE beyond the Earth's "carrying capacity" as it is now.
If we were willing to live at a somewhat more modest level -or- if our "modern technology" was actually available through-out the world AND people didn't then start living at a modern consumerist level then, yes, the world could hold & feed more.
But clearly, no one would be willing to put up with those "if"s.
The Earth's technologist today pretty much have the means to deal with Climate Change IF (that word again) the rich & powerful would stop pushing out the rhetoric of division. All those articles and "experts" on TV that sow doubt and missunderstanding. Even very obvious "misdirections" that almost no one could possibly believe - well almost no one is NOT no one, every little bit adds to the wave of "NO".

Sumit j.
Sumit jamadar7 years ago


Stephen Amsel
Past Member 7 years ago

Hi Eddie,

Interesting idea. Who gets to have kids or who gets to decide? What happens if a person, or a whole country of people don't like your answer to that?

Honestly, I think I must have written this at least half a dozen times on Care2. We are nowhere near the Earth's carrying-capacity. The theory that we are failed to take advances in technology into account. Just look at farm-production in developed countries and in underdeveloped ones. We make more food with less land-use than they do because we have the technology and techniques. If poor countries developed equivalent farming and ability to move goods, I suspect famine would be a thing of the past outside of war-zones and sites of major natural disasters.

Eddie C.
Past Member 7 years ago

Humans are so childish. We run from issue to issue, and never solve anything. Save the children, stop hunger, stop pollution, save the world....
Until we realize that increasing the population will inevitably destroy the planet, there is no hope. Every single person in North America can completely go green and the devastation in South America will counter react a thousand times fold. But we don't say anything about stopping progress in a third world county, it is too important that all people become civilized, and have the same great life that Americans enjoy.
We are bacteria, and we are the most lethal disease the earth has ever encountered. Until we stop the chaotic breeding, we are on a locomotive to he77.