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FRIDAY 12/18
COPENHAGEN: Hope For/From Copenhagen

COPENHAGEN: A Failure At Copenhagen May Be a Blessing In Disguise
COPENHAGEN: Sealing a deal to kill off 50% of the species on the planet?

COPENHAGEN: Peaceful Protests Turn Violent In Copenhagen

COPENHAGEN: Gillian Caldwell’s First Week in Copenhagen: Voices, Vigils, and Lead or Go Home  by 1Sky’s Gillian Caldwell
COPENHAGEN: Is The Deforestation Deal Cooked? 
COPENHAGEN: Stuck On The Street: What Is Going On In Copenhagen? by Kelly O’Neal of Global Observatory

MONDAY 12/14
COPENHAGEN: Women Struggle to be Heard at COP15–When Will the US Lead?
COPENHAGEN: An Updated Look at A Global Day of Action

SUNDAY 12/13
COPENHAGEN AND US: Cap And Dividend Puts The People Back In Charge. Can We Handle It?

COPENHAGEN: Mass Arrests and Words of Hope and Despair

COPENHAGEN: Throwing Tuvalu Under The Bus…And Under The Sea
COPENHAGEN: Locking Out the Passion As NGOs are Barred by Sarah Diefendorf,  Executive Director of the Environmental Finance Center at Dominican University of California.
COPENHAGEN: Ten Books to Help You Understand the Climate Crisis from the Progressive Book Club

COPENHAGEN: 10 Million Strong, and Growing  from the Media Consortium
COPENHAGEN & the U.S.: When Will the Gloves Come Off? by Sarah Diefendorf,  Executive Director of the Environmental Finance Center at Dominican University of California.
COPENHAGEN: BOOK EXCERPT – Al Gore’s “Our Choice: A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis” by Former Vice-President Al Gore

COPENHAGEN: Why Obama (and our voices) Will Matter in Copenhagen by 1Sky’s Gillian Caldwell

MONDAY 12/07
COPENHAGEN: A Global Appeal for Climate Action
COPENHAGEN: New Regulations Likely As EPA Cracks Down On Greenhouse Gases
COPENHAGEN: Diary Day 2  by Global Observatory’s Kelly O’Neal
COPENHAGEN:  What’s at Stake in Copenhagen from the Media Consortium
COPENHAGEN:  40,548 Reasons Why We May Not Get a Climate Agreement That Works in Copenhagen

SUNDAY 12/06
COPENHAGEN: Diary Entry #1  by Global Observatory’s Kelly O’Neal

COPENHAGEN:  Americans May Be Among First Climate Refugees

FRIDAY 12/04
COPENHAGEN:  Will Copenhagen be Enough? from the Media Consortium


COPENHAGEN:  The 7 Things Scientists Want You to Know About Climate Change.

LATE NOVEMBER  (11/20-11/30)
COPENHAGEN:  Dancing to a Different Tune: Theme Music for the Climate Talks COPENHAGEN: Countdown to Copenhagen
COPENHAGEN:  How Can We Picture Success at Copenhagen? by 1Sky’s Gillian Caldwell
COPENHAGEN:  3 Things Every Environmentalist Can Be Thankful For
COPENHAGEN:  Antarctica Melting At Faster Rate
COPENHAGEN:  Will Copenhagen be another “Battle in Seattle”?
COPENHAGEN:  Condoms for Climate Change?
COPENHAGEN:  No Treaty in Copenhagen?  from the Media Consortium 
COPENHAGEN:  What’s a grrrl to do when everyone predicts disaster? by 1Sky’s Gillian Caldwell  (11/12)

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Jo Recovering
Jo S2 years ago

Thank you Cynthia.

LMj Sunshine
James Merit4 years ago

Thank you.

LMj Sunshine
James Merit4 years ago

Thank you.

LMj Sunshine
James Merit5 years ago

Thank you.

LMj Sunshine
James Merit5 years ago

Thank you.

Mark S.
Mark S8 years ago

By the way Paul,
Just how are you opposing limitations on speech? What are you doing other than saying you oppose them?
That you equate the egregious actions of a Bill O'Reilly with the careful speech of knowledgeable researchers on climate shows a complete failure of judgement and why no serious and thoughtful person should listen to you on the subject of science.

Mark S.
Mark S8 years ago

If you read carefully you will note I was not asking for financial advice but thanks for confirming that your belief in objectivism has not lent any special insight into the market.
As for speech, you are welcome to try to show that thousands of dedicated researchers across the globe and over the course of over one hundred years are wrong but, like all your other points, you will find you are wrong if you honestly look at the research rather than what business interests are feeding you.
As to the bet that you are confused about, you wanted to know how people who predict weather, often wrong beyond a few days out, could ever successfully make long term predictions. You have not bothered to understand the difference between weather and climate so until you do you are, at best, uninformed. Why not go to a local university,look up the public lecture schedule and find out when a climate researcher is giving a talk. Then you can promulgate your opinions and see if they stand up to public scrutiny.
By the way, Terry, one of your hallmarks is to take some tidbit and blow that into complete speculation. You don't know me, my age, background, or much else about me yet seem to think I am not living in the real world. Please refrain from useless and wrong speculation and stick to careful facts while listing your sources. That you don't do this or quote from them without attribution shows a lack of character and is a good reason for people to be suspicious of you.

Terry S.
Terry S8 years ago

Like you, I think I too have had enough of this parrot. As you can see, he is not interested in finding common ground; it is only his way or the highway. At first I thought it was his intention to provoke intelligent discussion in drawing out each party’s position. This practice is done by many instructors in order to get their students to think on their own. Instead his only intention is to parrot methane and then pound his chest that he is great, while everyone else is stupid. Been there done that. Currently I am too old to deal with that again. Eventually, he will have to live in the real world, all I can say is I hope he can handle it.

Terry S.
Terry S8 years ago

Thus objectivity is blinded in favor of acceptance, like it can be blinded for money. While I agree his scientists are dedicated, the problem that it is not to science, but to money.

As well I strongly agree with your comments about free speech. Saying we all are going to die if we do not shut off the power plants is no different the yelling fire in a crowded room. However, if we shut off the power plants many will still die, immediately. The problem is they can not see that since they have no ability to see the consequences of their actions. Plus it appears that some collateral damage is to be expected. So long as they are not a victim of the collateral damage, then the damage is acceptable. The only issue I have with what you wrote is the term “Economic Upheaval”. This is the least of my concern since food shortages are bound to show long before true economic damage occurs. I am sure that this is what you intended, I just wanted to make sure that it is fully stated. If I am wrong, then I stand corrected, and await your explanation.

Part 3 of 3

Terry S.
Terry S8 years ago


No I have not read Sway, truth is, I had never heard of it. But now that you have mentioned it, I will look for it. While I am guessing from your comments, that I already know the contents, it will be good to have the names that go with the conditions. Most of what I know about human nature stems from observation of the animal. Except for a few differences here or there, almost all animals follow the same patterns, and humans are no different. But we can discuss more about that after I read the book.

As for the bet, what bet are you talking about? As expected, money is the only thing mentioned nothing about terms. This shows that there is a greater love of money then knowledge. You see the same thing with the facts. His whole principle is to shout down anyone that disagrees with him. If that does not work, then resort to name calling and belittling. This happens due to insecurities. He is insecure in himself and his abilities and position. Of course, this is everyone else’s fault, and never his. He hides in a pack where it is safe. As you notice, he is no longer attempting to draw us to his pack. Soon he should call others in the pack to help since he is unable to win. If in some way we are talking about blinded objectivity in order to remain part of the pack, then I would have to say, we will see it here. That is why I used the term assimilated in my previous post. Like the Borg Collective, free thinking is not allowed.

Part 2 of 3