Could It Be More Obvious? 7 New Ways Trump Has Demonstrated His Loyalty To Russia

Now that President Donald Trump has met with Russian leader Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, it’s pretty safe to say we don’t need to wait for the conclusions of Robert Mueller’s special investigation to determine that the president is compromised. For a guy who knows that he’s under suspicion for collusion and treason and you’d assume would want to act less friendly even if just for appearances, Trump took Putin’s side at every turn, looking like a lackey for Russia rather than the leader of the American people.

Here are some of the more glaring instances in Helsinki:


When Putin and Trump stood together at a press conference, a reporter asked about Russia’s meddling in the election and Trump balked at the chance to act tough against the American rival. Instead, Trump acknowledged that his own intelligence agents insist it’s true, but he gives a lot of credence to Putin’s own “strong and powerful… denial.” Furthermore, he added that he can’t think of “any reason” why Russia would try to mess with American elections.

I can think of one big reason, namely that Putin helped install an American leader whose willing to disregard the conclusions of his own government officials for a guy who wishes our country harm.


Trump finds some of the worst occasions to decide that two opposing sides are on equal footing – most notably when he said there were “very fine people” amongst crowds of white nationalists and white nationalist protestors.

This happened again when he said, “I think we’re all to blame” for the relations between the U.S. and Russia. The U.S. may not have its hands clean in a lot of foreign matters, but in no way should be compared.

Specifically, he named the Mueller probe as a source of tension between the nations. That’s right, he wants the investigation to go away not for personal reasons, but so he can mend an alliance with Trump.



The “funny” thing is when Trump does blame a side, it’s that of the United States. In advance of the summit, Trump tweeted that the reason for the bad relationship with Russia is “many years of U.S. foolishness and stupidity,” passing the buck on previous American politicians for not cozying up to Putin.

Sure, the relationship with Russia has been strained, but that is primarily the result of hostile acts on the part of the Russian government. Trump makes a big thing of not being a weakling, but this is the adversary Trump thinks former presidents should have turned the other cheek for? Based on what, exactly?

To make matters worse, Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded to the tweet with a simple “We agree.” Indeed, they love a narrative where it’s the U.S. that’s at fault for all of the bad blood – especially when the U.S. president himself says it!



Following last week’s indictment of 12 Russian intelligence officials, Trump says Putin made him an “incredible offer” to have the Mueller team come to Russia to collaborate on the investigation and watch them interrogate the spies.

Of course the Kremlin would love to have the U.S. pass off all of the intelligence we’ve gathered on their spies – what better way for them to see what actions have been detected by the U.S. authorities and what is still being pulled off in secret?

That’s not an “incredible offer,” Trump, that’s one you’d have to be either a total sucker or plant to accept.



Often, even in closed-door meetings between world leaders, there is some kind of record kept of the conversation, but Trump said he didn’t want there to be any people present or any notes taken for their 90 minute private conversation. Not even his own staff can confidentially keep track or even listen in on what’s discussed? That’s beyond fishy!



For the first time, Putin went on record saying that he had hoped Trump would win the presidential election in order to normalize relations between their countries. Why would he think Trump would be good at that? There’s nothing “normal” about what’s going on between the nations at this point.



In the past, we’ve seen Trump speak glowingly of dictators in the past, and no amount of criticism has made him change his behavior. It’s become increasingly clear that Trump would prefer to rule in a manner similar to Putin without pesky democratic checks-and-balances to interfere.

Well, at the summit, he just admitted as much again. Demanding more money for NATO, Trump became frustrated when other world leaders said they have to have the consent of their legislatures before committing. At that point, Trump fist bumped Recep Erdogan and said, “He does things the right way.” What Erdogan’s done is steal and consolidate power as leader – that’s the “right” way?!

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The American public has every reason to suspect their president is not working in their best interests, which is why the Mueller probe must continue. Sign this popular Care2 petition encouraging Congress to not kill the investigation at this late stage so that the truth can come out.

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Marie W
Marie W2 months ago

Thanks for sharing.

Pat P
Pat P9 months ago

Trump has been attempting to be a serious threat to our American Democracy!! It is quite obvious that he would prefer a dictatorship--with him in control. He has used his money. lack of moral character. narcissism and bullying nature to navigate his life's path. What else does he have?

Philip W
Philip W9 months ago

Here is an excellent article about Trump using another cult tactic:

Trump Just Attacked the Very Idea of Objective Reality: 'What You're Seeing and What You're Reading Is Not What's Happening'
From the White House that brought you "alternative facts."

Philip W
Philip W9 months ago

For those who would like to know the truth about climate change here are some great resources:

Koch Industries: Secretly Funding the Climate Denial Machine

"The Koch Brothers have sent at least $100,343,292 directly to 84 groups denying climate change science since 1997."

Here's a great video demonstrating what they do:
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Here is an excellent resource on climate change science and rebutting global warming misinformation:

They also have an app for iPhone and Android phones.

iPhone App:

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Philip W
Philip W9 months ago

Paul B, your "rant" made me laugh out loud. You live in a state of denial.

So you don't know whether you are an atheist or agnostic, sounds like you are an "agno-atheist", how original. Agno-atheist: someone who doesn't know if they don't believe in a god or gods. That is funny.

I noticed you are also a science denier which also makes you anti-education.

I hope you are feigning ignorance, you cannot be so ignorant that you don't know the religious right are continuously imposing their beliefs on others and trying to pass laws to spread their nonsense.

As I said before: I couldn't care less, nor would it be possible for me to care, about your beliefs. I would never deny "the right of [the] religious to even talk about their religion", everyone needs a good laugh. However, believers don't have the right to impose their beliefs or religion on others, period.

Also, don't worry, I would never persecute you for believing in Santa.

Paul B
Paul B9 months ago

If a child wants to believe in Santa Claus, that is their right to do without being persecuted by the likes of people like you.

Paul B
Paul B9 months ago

Philip, what in the heck inspired that rant. All I mentioned was the fact that the left has a hard time accepting religious beliefs. I am NOT religious, an atheist or agnostic at best, so you are preaching to the choir about religion.
But as you stated, you seem hell bent on denying the right of religious to even talk about their religion, but I don't see anyone forcing religion, per se, on anyone. Just because a person doesn't believe in abortion or gay marriage doesn't mean that they are "pushing" their religious beliefs on anyone. Everyone holds beliefs regardless of where they originate and in the US everyone has the right to those beliefs. You can challenge all you want, but you seem to believe that all beliefs must be PROVABLE in order to even be spoken. In that case you eliminate a number of socially accepted beliefs, like global warming, a cult unto its own, the gayness is genetic and not environmental, and so many other things.
You contradict yourself throughout your diatribe of hate such that it is hard for anyone to accept your, as you put it, delusional sense of reality.

Philip W
Philip W9 months ago

We are not in a country that allows a particular religion (even yours) to force itself in any way on another. Just because an American stops believers from imposing their beliefs on them doesn’t mean they are the bullies, it just means they know their Constitutional rights.

Philip W
Philip W9 months ago

Paul B, you are deluded, you really do live in your own little world, you are just spewing nonsense.

I couldn't care less, nor would it be possible for me to care, about your beliefs.

Resisting and stopping Christians, and other believers, from imposing and forcing their beliefs on everyone else is not hatred or bigotry. I don't care what you believe, you have the right to believe it, but believers do not have the right to impose those beliefs on anyone else, including other faiths. Christians do not have any more rights than any other American, religion, or non-believer.

You have the right to believe whatever you want, however, everyone else has the right to challenge those beliefs. If believers don't want their faith challenged then they should either prove their god exists or stop forcing it on others.

A child may believe they "love" Santa, but in actuality, they "love" the concept, the idea, of Santa. Because, Santa does not exist. If someone believed in Santa and wanted to impose that belief by forcing their prayers, icons, or "scriptures" on you it would be wrong and un-American.

Believers are not the victims, religion has always been an aggressor.

We are not in a country that allows a particular religion (even yours) to force itself in any way on another. Just because an American stops believers from imposing their beliefs on them doesn't mean they are the bullies, it just means they know their Constitut

Paul B
Paul B9 months ago

Philip, then how do you justify the hatred and bigotry of the left for christians, for conservatism, for any differing point of view, for the harassment of Trump staff and anyone who supports him. Daily we see incidents across the country where free speech is inhibited, intimidated, bullied, etc by the left who refuse to hear anything that opposes their ideology. It is the left that has turned to violence to squelch their "presumed" opposition. To me THAT is the cry for help from groups that have failed to live by their own creed of tolerance. Until YOU can tell me how you justify these types of actions then it is hard for me to respect the accusation you throw towards others.