Could Syria Be Accused of Crimes Against Humanity? (VIDEO)

Syria could be on the brink of being accused of crimes against humanity for the ongoing brutal crackdown against civilians. 22 people were killed in Hama on Tuesday and more than 80 wounded as trooped entered the restive city. Last week, the troops had withdrawn, following which the largerst protest ever — with tens of thousands gather around the Clock Tower or “Freedom Square,” as protesters renamed it — occurred on Friday. On Saturday, the governor of Hama was sacked and government forces had reappeared. As Al Jazeera reports, Amnesty International says that Syria could be accused of crimes against humanity for a siege of Talkalakh in May, which left protesters dead in custody, torture and arbitrary detention.

Al Jazeera’s Rule Amin points out that the withdrawal of government forces from Hama — even traffic police were absent from the streets — created a “political gap” in which “People felt a vacuum and were encouraged. People took to the streets [every Friday],” and government forces did not know how to respond to the activity. Hama’s residents have sought to stop the military by blockading streets with garbage containers, burning tires wood and metal

30 years ago, Hafez al-Assad, the father of Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad, brutally repressed an uprising in Hama, with 10,000 to 40,000 killed. Hama’s residents are mostly Sunni and tensions between Hama and Syria’s ruling Alawite (a Shiite sect) majority have since simmered.

The Guardian reports that the ongoing unrest is Syria is taking its toll, according to diplomats in Damascus:

Despite official assurances that the economy is fine, Assad last month warned of the danger of economic collapse and state media has reported campaigns around the country to “support the Syrian pound.”

Unofficial money changers have valued the Syrian pound (SYP) at least 10% lower than the official rates. Some have been shut down by the authorities, according to local business newsletter the Syria Report.

Syrian authorities are reportedly making a one-off pay deduction for some current and former public sector employees in a move that may raise anger levels in Hama.

The average wage for government workers, the main source of employment for Syrians, is 13,000 SYP (about $274.00) a month, an amount that is barely enough to survive on, they say. Some employees report that 500 SYP (about $10.50) will be docked form their salaries next month.

With more than 1300 killed and at least 10,000 detained since March, there are signs that Russia may reverse its position about Syria, says France. France’s stance on the repression in Syria has been “tougher” than that of its Western allies:

Russia has opposed a French-led UN Security Council draft resolution, which condemns Assad’s government and urges it to adopt rapid change, but stops short of imposing sanctions or allowing military action.

Moscow has accused Western countries of exploiting the Security Council resolution that authorised limited military intervention in Libya and says it fears that could happen again in Syria.

France has also yet been unable to convince Brazil, India to vote in favor of the resolution, which needs a minimum of 11 out of 15 votes to pass.

The video below shows a rally in Hama on June 26.

This video of an Al Jazeera clip shows Hama at midday on July 5, after government forces had returned.


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colleen p.
colleen p6 years ago

sure, why not. if they want to make it illegal for me to call someone a dumbass via the web everyday, why not charge them with these/those crimes aginst humanity.

Beth S.
Beth S6 years ago

By the way, the Foreign Policy mag website has the same video but with translation, which makes the whole things a lot more understandable.

Sadly, the site also says that the singer leading the crowd was killed and had his body dumped in the river.

Jonathan Y.
Jonathan Y6 years ago

If Syria is indicted, Iran should be as well. They've murdered or 'disappeared' thousands of innocent people over the years.

Tommy S.
Tommy S6 years ago

@Mudar S

On the 30th November a report by the UN Mediator on Palestine gave the number of arabs within the boundaries of the state of Israel at — 472,000.and if they became refugees it was for several reasons.
1.The monied arabs (numbered in thousands) left palestine in anticipation of a war.
2.Most of the rest were displaced by the muslim arabs themselves to allow alla's armies to exterminate the Jews
that leaves us with the plight of the Jews expelled from arab lands - they numbered around 820,000 souls many of whom had only the shirts on their backs and most of them resettled in Israel (note: not claiming refugee status)

Now I will refer you to Israel,s efforts to solve the palestine refugee problem-- this you must read for the sake of your education ,you will see the UN and the PLO are responsible for the plight of these self dispossessed people

Rob and Jay B.
Jay S6 years ago

CONTD from below: Islam claims its ugly death demands & punishments are eternal & can never be altered since it is supposedly from their deity's mouth thru an angel. Pop into Riyadh Saudi Arabia & enjoy the beheadings, stonings & whippings in 'Chop Chop' Square next to the main mosque to uplift you as you go to Friday 'prayers' - oops, forgot, you can't go into the mosque, tho, you're a lowly woman. Well you can enjoy the Islamic Sharia Law being carried out for the enjoyment of the crowds (no "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone" nonsense in Islam!) & Saudi isn't the only Islamic paradise where these hateful 'laws' are treasured & kept. Thousands of gay men have been burned alive, hung, beheaded, tossed off 'high places' in at least 7 Islamic countries, as Mohammed commanded, the more 'progressive' Islamic lands just whip & imprison them to be raped by their prison guards. Your defense of this death cult is frightening. Can it do anything you will not approve of? "Muslims" are not being attacked except those who approve of these laws or execute them, & then they deserve it, just like all Nazis didn't approve of or execute Hitler's evil commands either. Many Muslims have fled to the West to escape the oppression of Islamic countries. We have an ex-Muslim friend here in Spain who told about being molested by his Imam for yrs as a young boy & HE was accused of 'offending Islam' & had to leave his country. He hates Islam

Rob and Jay B.
Jay S6 years ago

Excellent comments, & right on the mark, Beth S & Mabolsa R!

Siusaidh your sympathy with this death cult is most interesting for someone who seems to care about issues of justice & human rights. You should read more about Islam & see you are defending an ideology that wants to commit genocide against several groups & has done over the centuries. Islam teaches that women who marry outside of Islam, Muslims who renounce it to convert to some other faith or just want out of it, & gay people must be all killed. It's hard for them to do that in Western countries, but that doesn't mean they don't try. There are Sharia courts everywhere there are Muslims & they hand down their verdicts & sentences just like the courts of the Inquistition 500 years ago, but this Inquisition, the Islamic one, has been going on for almost 1400 years, killing gays, 'apostates', & women who try to be independent or are raped etc. Islam disdains our western values & doesn't recognize them. Their law is above ours. Don't you have any sympathy at all for the huge number of victims of Islam? Do you defend what it demands & does? It is not, & never has been, a religion of peace & tolerance, ever. Beth is not 'hating' all Muslims but Islam has never reformed itself as Judaism has, which gave up all those ugly similar hate commands of Moses et al in the Torah/O Test. way back. Islam claims its ugly death demands & punishments are eternal &

Mabolsa Ritchie
Mabolsa Ritchie6 years ago

Could Syria Be Accused of Crimes Against Humanity?

Do we REALLY have to ask that question? The answer is yes. And not just because of what's going on right now. It's an islamic state. That's what they do. They're run on human rights abuses. They THRIVE on human rights abuses. They relish them. It's what islam is all about.

Mabolsa Ritchie
Mabolsa Ritchie6 years ago

@ Mudar S

Unfortunately, you're just here to defend islam and pretend that all the worlds ills are down to israel and the west. Those millions fleeing iraq you mentioned... You claim that they're fleeing the US occupation. What US occupation? That's over with now. What the millions fleeing iraq are running from is persecution by muslims. I'm not defending the invasion. I never agreed with it and all that it seems to have achieved is to turn the country back into the hands of barbaric muslims. Most of the civilian deaths since the military action have been due to attacks by muslims. Now xtians flee because they are literally being hunted down and slaughtered by muslims.

Of course, we shouldn't mention facts when dealing with the evil death cult AKA islam, right? We should all pretend that islam is a religion of peace and that poor muslims are being persecuted right, left and centre by non muslims, particularly western non muslims and that all you guys want is to be left alone to live in peace. Whereas, the truth is, islam is a barbaric, hate filled, vicious ideology which demands that the entire population of this planet be dragged back into the dark ages and subjected to the barbarism of sharia law.

Unlike the majority of the islamic world, we can read and we can think for ourselves. You can't pull the wool over our eyes.

Mudar Salimeh
Mudar Salimeh6 years ago

i'm talkinig to "Beth S".
Unfortunately, you're here just to defend Israel
Syria has 2 million Palestinians were expelled from Israel
I am talking about millions, not thousands
Also in Syria, 1.5 million Iraqis have fled the U.S. occupation in their country
I do not think there is being punished for thous who cause of the misery of thous millions

Beth S.
Beth S6 years ago


My intention is to make people aware of the fascist, totalitarian, destructive, global, supremacist nature of the ideology called Islam, the evidence for which is beyond overwhelming.

There are by and large very few threats to Muslims in this country. In fact, out of the alleged attacks, Muslims have actually filed false complaints. Contrast that with the numerous attempted and foiled and successful attempts by Muslims to kill people here.

Your contention of that being realistically comparable to the situation of the Jews in 1930 Germany is invalid for a number of reasons. For starters:

There are opposite theological and historical contexts which I will explain later.

Additionally, the Jews were and are a minority. I read that in pre-WWII, there were 18 million Jews worldwide. Nazis killed off almost 1/3 of the entire world Jewish population, so that there are only 13 million left today.

There are 1.8 Billion Muslims. The equivalent number of deaths would amount to 600 Million Muslims dead.

Thus, for every one (1) Jew, there are 1,400 Muslims, a 1:1400 ratio.

Israelis, with the threats of the Arabs and Iranians (heavily involved and succeeding in making nuclear bombs and submarines and missiles to carry them) combined face an unequivocal existential threat.