Could Tancredo Win the Governor’s Mansion?

The Colorado governor’s race has been one of the most volatile races of 2010.  Former Congressman Tom Tancredo, so unhappy with the Republican nominee, Dan Maes, declared himself on the Constitutional ticket, vowing not to drop out unless Maes did, too.

It seemed that with two people dividing up the party, and Tancredo’s Quixiotic quest to take down Maes, the Democratic challenger would be a shoo-in.

Now, not so much.  He’s almost been overtaken…by Tancredo himself.

Via the Sacramento Bee:

Two months ago, many political professionals were chortling at Tom Tancredo’s third party bid to become Colorado governor.

The former firebrand Republican congressman said he was the only conservative who could stop the Democrats from winning the seat after a scandal-plagued “tea party” candidate unexpectedly won the GOP nomination.

Tancredo’s volatile rhetoric on illegal immigration and calls to bomb Mecca have won him passionate followers, but also high unfavorability ratings in the state. He had no money on hand and little time to mount a campaign against the Democrat, Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper, a popular politician with millions of dollars in contributions in the bank.

But little more than a week out from election day, it’s possible to imagine a Tancredo governorship.

A poll late last week found him just four points behind Hickenlooper, whose support has stayed flat while Republican nominee Dan Maes is flirting with single digits. It is only one poll, and from a Republican-leaning pollster, but it matched the arc that all polls have picked up since Tancredo entered in late August – his support is rising as Hickenlooper’s stalls.

In the beginning of September I wrote:

But Tancredo’s definitely full of bravado.  After all, he’s running in a three way gubernatorial campaign with no real plan as to how he intends to win, especially now that his request for the Republican candidate to drop out has been met with laughter.  Currently, Democrat John Hickenlooper is leading Republican Dan Maes by 12 points, and Tancredo is only getting 14 percent.

Can Tom win?  Probably not.  But it looks like he’s going to keep making headlines along the way.

Looks like I may end up with some egg on my face by the time this ends.

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Sandra S.
Sandra S.7 years ago

A friend of mine dated a man who was here illegally from Mexico. He had 3 DUI's here in Colorado. He had been deported twice. On the 3rd or 4th DUI, he was sent to prison here for 2 yrs. When released, he was bussed to Mexico, where his parents have a ranch and it sounds like a decent place. BUT WHILE HERE, HOW MUCH DID HE COST US? PRISON, COURT, PROBATION ETC? Also, my friends daughter lives with an illegal man from Mexico, who has a wife and children in Mexico and the guy is a bum who lives off the girlfriend. NOT ALL ILLEGALS ARE HARD WORKING FOLKS AND NOT ALL ARE GANG MEMBERS - POINT IS THEY ARE HERE ILLEGALLY.

Sandra S.
Sandra S.7 years ago

Tancredo isn't afraid to tell the truth and actually give his opinion out loud instead of dilly dallying around questions!! I really admire that. He said legalize pot and there will be no reason for theft etc and when people buy it legally, just like booze, they will not be associating with heroin dealers or gang members. Boy wouldn't that just chafe the drug cartels backside!! AND HE SAYS HE'LL CLOSE COLORADO TO ILLEGALS - YIPEEEEE! We are sinking here. They are a huge burden.

Edward M.
Edward M7 years ago

I always thought that you stood for election on practical policies, not personalities.

Carole C.
Carole Chowen7 years ago

I cast my vote for John Hickenlooper, the only qualified of the 3 candidates, and the only one to run a campaign free of smears. He has proven his worth as Denver's mayor, and with make a great governor.
Dan Maes continues to shoot himself in the foot as his lies about his background are uncovered. That's the only reason a racist, dishonest, incompetent like Tancredo is getting any notice. The big issue for Republicans in this race, is that if Maes as the official party candidate does not receive at least 10% of the votes, the Republican Party would become an official minority party in Colorado. That could mean a loss of 50% of their financial support, as well as not having a seat at the table for some debates in future elections.

Nancy L7 years ago


David M.
David M.7 years ago

Thanks for posting this article.

Cindy M.
Cindy M7 years ago

Can't even cap tancredo's name, he's such a dangerous fruitloop. He's been my Congressman of my district and he DOESN'T have a clue!!! Evidence shows his desired actions would bankrupt the state, which he claims Hickenlooper, our future governor, lost jobs, which he actually saved. Hick is that good of a businessman, is honest, and refuses to run a bashing campaign, like stupid does with his lies. A few years back, the Denver Library published Hick's response to goonball's (tancredo's) complaint that all library funding should stop because they only support illegal immigrants. Hick, the smartest & most competent candidate for CO gov., corrected him with the facts. tancredo has blurted lies and just outright vicious attacks on libs, that AREN'T true. I know, I'm one.Thankfully, there's enough of us here with sense that are for Hick, and we're going to fight this thing through to the end. We need a competent person running this place. After all, having one of the lowest tax rates in the country, and one of the best employment rates, I think we should keep doing right.

Patricia S.
Pat S7 years ago

Lyn M,
I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Tom!!!!

Lyn Miller
Lyn Miller7 years ago

Ugh, Tancredo would make Colorado a laughingstock. He is arrogant and a hatemonger. That said, there is a possibility he could win next Tuesday. There appears to be enough idiocy circulating in the air and water this year that much of the American public is ready to elect folks who couldn't pass a Civics Class test on their best day. Heaven help us all . . .