Cows Crash Graduation Party, Enjoy the Beer

Imagine this.  You’re having a backyard party with some friends, celebrating your recent graduation from college.  The beer is good and the company enjoyable.  You look up and see six cows crashing the event… no, it’s not an alcohol-induced hallucination.  This actually happened recently at a home in Boxford, Massachusetts.  Kevin Spencer was hosting a graduation party for his daughter and about a dozen of her college friends.  When his daughter told him “Dad, there’s a cow outside,” he responded with “that’s it… party’s over!”

Apparently, the six cows escaped from their pasture and headed into town — looking for fun, perhaps?  The cow’s owner, Pat Canonica, bottle-fed the six month old group of black and white cows, which explains why they seem so comfortable being near humans.  Police were called and found the bovine beauties sashaying down Main Street, but in their attempt to corral them, they entered the Spencer’s backyard where the party was happening.

The surprised young ladies left the beer – in cups and cans – on the table and high-tailed it for the safety of the deck.  Many of the partiers were not locals and had little experience with animal encounters in rural settings.  The 500 pound bovine youngsters proceeded to lap up the remains of the beer.  Some even went after cans already in the recycling bin!  “I saw one cow drinking the beer on its way down as it spilled off the table,” said Boxford Police Lt. James Riter.  Then they went looking at neighboring properties.

“I could hear them [the girls] screaming in the backyard and I hoped they weren’t getting trampled,” said Riter. He added “They [the cows] just went in and helped themselves.”

It took some time to convince the bovine party crashers that their curfew had arrived.  Canonica, with the help of police and the town’s Selectman, Peter Perkins, managed to lead the cows home by placing a police cruiser in front and in back of the group. It only took an hour or so for the bovine beauties to return home.  Plans for an electric fence are being made to prevent future escapes.

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Photo credit of the six bovine beauties screen shot from YouTube video


Sheri P.
Sheri P5 years ago

hahaha, wow!

Carrie Anne Brown

thanks for sharing :)

Monica K.
Monica K5 years ago

"“I could hear them [the girls] screaming in the backyard and I hoped they weren’t getting trampled,” said Riter."
OMG, those vicious cows could have slobbered on somebody! (scream)! Run for your lives! (scream)! Oh No! They're going for the beer! (scream, scream, scream)! Somebody call the cops!

David V.
David V5 years ago

What they weren't invited?
They can come to my next BBQ....LOL

Maggie Carmel
Maggie Carmel5 years ago

Very cute and funny story.
i would love to have them come and crash my parties, they're so nice and would enjoy seeing them enjoying an environment where they will be allowed to enjoy and not be harmed.
They obviously know what's "yummy" and how to party!
I like the way the situation was handled and you can definitely see that the house owner was very nice.

Anita Wisch
Anita Wisch5 years ago

How dangerous are a group of cows? Come on........ They must have been drunk to be afraid of those "very scary and aggressive cows".

Dogan Ozkan
Dogan Ozkan5 years ago

thanks for sharing

HELENE D5 years ago


Pamela H.
Pamela H5 years ago

Aw I love cows. They are very smart. They also have good memories and can tell individual humans from one another, they enjoy play and romping when they get the opportunity, they can anticipate (which many humans don't seem to be able to do), they experience joy and grief, especially when a calf is taken from a mother cow so that humans can steal their milk; big babies that we are.

Isabel A.
Isabel Araujo5 years ago

Party time! Thank you for sharing the story and the video.