Cruelty at Pig Farm Considered Humane by Independent Panel

Horrific abuse of pigs has once again been exposed by Mercy for Animals Canada in an undercover investigation of a Puratone Corp. farm in Alborg, Manitoba, which was chosen at random.

The footage was obtained by an undercover investigator over a three-month period that began at the end of the summer and shows multiple problems ranging from downer pigs being kicked and pulled by their ears to get them to walk and piglets being slammed into the ground and being left to die slowly to pregnant sows being left with untreated prolapses and open wounds and pressure sores caused by rubbing against the bars of their gestation crates.

“Every single day our investigator identified issues of absolutely horrific animal cruelty,” Stéphane Perrais, Mercy for Animals Canada’s director of operations told the Montreal Gazette, who noted that the group believes the problems seen during this investigation are common on farms around the country.

Mercy for Animals Canada was established this summer and is a sister organization of the U.S. based Mercy for Animals. The group is now calling on major grocery stores that sell Puratone products, including  WalMart, Sobeys, Superstore/Loblaws and Metro food stores, to require their suppliers to phase out gestation crates.

“While many of the standard industry practices uncovered at this pig factory farm are needlessly cruel, subjecting animals to a lifetime of confinement in crates so small they are virtually immobilized is perhaps the worst form of institutionalized animal abuse in existence. A growing number of animal welfare experts opposes the use of gestation crates, concluding what common sense should have told us all along: animals with legs should have room to move,” stated the group.

Puratone issued a statement saying they are “disturbed by some of the images, shown in the video taken in one of our farming sites, which do not reflect our animal welfare policy and principles” and that they have launched an investigation.

The U.S. based Center for Food Integrity had an independent Animal Care Review Panel, comprised of three experts, review the footage at the request of the Canadian pork council. The panel concluded that, “while some of the animal handling practices shown are improper, most of what is seen are widely considered acceptable and humane.

The acceptable standard industry practices depicted include castrating and tail docking piglets without the use of painkillers and using blunt force trauma as a form of euthanasia. Slamming piglets into the ground to kill them is perfectly alright and, by some standards, humane.

Mercy for Animals Canada will continue to work to expose cruelty to animals and is also working to remind consumers about the power we have to end animal suffering by making compassionate food choices and passing on animal products.


Please sign the petition asking Manitoba Pork to commit to phasing out gestation crates by 2017


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Nicolas Nasrallah

It's horrific and appalling to see such violence towards a helpless and innocent creature that had no say in it's destiny. The people abusing are very sick and sadistic and must be stopped. For some reason a lot of the sickos seem to be working in animal farms and abusing them constantly hoping no one will see. Thank god for Mercy for animals and such groups that are God sent to defend the helpless innocent animals being savagely abused daily. This practice must stop and so doe gestation crates. Humans have learn to be humane and conscious on how they treat these animals. Intelligent people would think twice before hurting anyone or anything. Only barbaric savages who have psychological issues tend to abuse whether humans or animals. These idiots must be put away;

.5 years ago

this has to stop,respect all creatures great or small,thank you for sharing

marga h.
marga huber5 years ago

The sign no button dosn't work !!!
What can I change so that I can sign?
I would love to sign the petition's

Tammy Baxter
Tammy B5 years ago

I'm speechless.

Jane B.
Jane B6 years ago

Petition signed. This is one area where the US lags behind the UK/EU where sow stalls are already banned thankfully! (Although you might guess, there are still some countries breaking the law by continuing to use them.)
Pigs are really so intelligent it's an absolute crime to treat them like this. They should all be free range and slaughtered on the farms - no transporting them for days on end.

Marsha Andrews
Marsha Andrews6 years ago

I have come to believe that most of the people that work in factory farms are psychopaths. Who else could inflect terrible cruelty to animals and on top of it get paid for their efforts! Could this be fulfilling their passion in life that we teach our children to strive for? Perhaps any 'independent groups' who view video footage of this cruelty and claim they are standard practices considered humane are deeply disturbed as well. Oh I know, the ever present bottom line rationalizes even the most horrific treatment. Shame on the Canada Pork Council (who don't give a rat's ass) and the Puratone Corp. farm in Alborg, Manitoba. (which was simply chosen at random!). We can only hope that as the public becomes more informed as to what goes on behind closed doors they will stop buying all factory farmed meat. As Paul McCartney said "if slaughter houses had glass walls the world would be vegetarian".

Linda P.
Linda P6 years ago

Petition signed. Let the "Independent Panel" trade places with these pigs and see what they say then. They should be ashamed of themselves. Torture and cruelty can NEVER be acceptable.

Alicia Guevara
Alicia Guevara6 years ago

Proud to be vegan. Signed and shared. Tks Mercy for Animals for all u do!

Andrew C.
Andrew C6 years ago

Petition signed. Whoever thinks these actions are acceptable and humane need to have any one of their limbs cut off without pain killers. Let's see what their opinion will be after!

Bill K.
Bill K6 years ago

unfortunately animal abuse has become an acceptable practice in modern agriculture. and the people who support this abuse are the ones buying meat at the grocery.