Cruelty In Fashion (VIDEO)

NOTE: This is a tough one to watch.  Not for kids for sure.
This video highlights the torture various innocent animals endure for the sake of human vanity. 
Make a New Year’s Resolution to educate yourself on where your clothes come from so you can make informed decisions involving what you put on your body.  You can help alleviate the suffering of the countless cows, fox, sheep and other animals used for fashion by choosing cruelty-free synthetic fibers.

Jane M Sawyer


Gabriele R.
Gabriele R5 years ago

This is one of the most upsettening video I have ever seen,people who wear fur should be publicly named and shamed

Yulan Lawson
Yulan Lawson5 years ago

Thanks for sending such an important mission. Sometimes I wonder, if at all, what we think some of us are.

Ala M.
Ala Morales5 years ago

The doors of hell will be open wide for all those who abuse animals and human slavery for profit

Martha Eberle
Martha Eberle7 years ago

No reason to wear fur. It's very pretty, sure, ... but when you see how it's "harvested", oh no!!! At least, no person with an ethical standard, should wear it. You others? I hope you have many nightmares. ANIMAL RIGHTS!!!

Jonathan Y.
Jonathan Y7 years ago

With modern synthetics, there is no practical reason to wear fur. Ban and boycott all furs, and remove the economic incentive.

This has got to be the most horrific business in the world. Let's get rid of it.

Lisa Moye
Lisa M7 years ago

This is just terrible, did God forget to give these people a heart?

Jami Winn
Jami Winn7 years ago

hey at least after they are dead their toxins get in the water and kill a few humans ow well its their own fault (humans don't have fur for a reason)

irene davis
irene davis7 years ago

thanks for posting this.

Samantha B.
Samantha B7 years ago

Watching the reptiles be skinned made me tear up a little ... they're such beautiful animals.

Jane L.
Jane L7 years ago

Omg...imagine having your own skin ripped off while alive. That's what makes this video so hard to watch for me...Seeing that cow's eyes blinking while its head was being sawed off...

I appreciate how the video emphasizes the advertisement of the lifestyle associated with buying such fashion in contrast to the starkingly different reality from where it came from. We (most of us) see the latter side of the coin and are blinded to the former side.