Daily Cute: Bulldog Puppy Tries to Howl

This little bulldog puppy isn’t quite big enough yet to be howling like a hound dog, but that won’t stop him from trying. The little guy does his best howl, but it sounds more like an adorable squeak. Maybe he was trying to say something important.

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Photo credit: Youtube screenshot


Jim Ven
Jim Ven4 years ago

thanks for the article.

Sjors S.
Sjors S4 years ago

Lion King anno 2015 :P

Jennifer H.
Jennifer H4 years ago

How cute. But what an extremely smashed face. The breed has been bred to have such a short face that breathing for them is extremely difficult. I think this is the best example of that; you can hear him snort while trying to breath. Just an observation.

Nicole L.
Nicole L4 years ago


Roberto Meritoni
Roberto Meritoni4 years ago

Thanks for sharing .....marvellos fantastic adorable little bulldog:-))

Dawn W.
Dawnie W4 years ago

So sweetly cute. Dear little thing, he is finding his feet and voice all the while wrapping himself around their little finger.
💕♥*♥˚☻Love & Peace☻go with☻you all.☻˚♥*♥💕

Julia R.
Julia R4 years ago

He's cute but remember there are so many cute and wonderful animals in shelters and pounds all over our nation- every kind and variety so please don't shop, save a life and adopt! Try your local shelters first and if you don't find the right dog there, then go to petfinder.com for a list of both purebreds and wonderful mixed breeds who need homes- from puppies to adults!

Nancy Black
Nancy Black4 years ago

Love the video and the adorable bulldog.

Tricia Hamilton
Tricia Hamilton4 years ago

He is so cute as a button!!

Julia Oleynik
Julia Oleynik4 years ago

Sweet) Thank you for sharing