Daily Cute: Ciyalana the Tortoise Munches On Kale

Ciyalana the tortoise loves to eat kale. Ciyalana (or Ciya) is an 11-year-old, 20 pound African Spurred tortoise who was abandoned in a New York City park a few years ago. While his permanent home of the Lower East Side Ecology Center in Manhattan underwent renovations, the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary provided a loving foster home where he had open space and plenty of kale to munch on.

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Photo credit: Youtube screenshot


Jim Ven
Jim V2 years ago

thanks for the article.

Elena Poensgen
Elena Poensgen3 years ago

Thank you

feather w.
Feather W3 years ago

turtles are good people..

Jeannet Adores Animals

I had a turtle too. his name was Joris, and when I called his name he came to me. He had a beautiful turtle- safe garden for his own. When I made a photo from him he was the perfect model , always look to the right point. He was very curious, that was very funny.Some people could not believe it. How can a turtle be curious? Yes people it is possible.
Sadly, he died in his wintersleep,never know why, maybe his age or ill. They are vulnerable. If you don't know the right care, they get ill and die.

For 20 years he was "our gast". I didn't know nothing of his life in his early years, but think he had the best time of his life by us Plenty of food, his own woden "home"and good care. I bought him in a petstore. All turtles were pile up in a tray, no food no water and the one at the bottom they almost died. Gladly this sale is forbidden in my country, its against law.

I am sure Ciay will get her health back. See looks beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!
Turtles are great animals.

Roberto Meritoni
Roberto Meritoni3 years ago

Thanks for sharing

Jennifer H.
Jennifer H3 years ago

Hopefully, they have increased the security for his safety's sake.

Shelli S.
Shelli S3 years ago

Whoever threw a brick at him, needs a brick 2 the head. Loser scumbags!

Shelli S.
Shelli S3 years ago

Awesome turtle, i want him!! Who could abandon him..Not cool

Patricia Guilhem
Patricia Guilhem3 years ago

J' adore les tortues. C' est tellement mignon.

Angev GERIDONI3 years ago

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Thank you for sharing