Marie W
Marie Wabout a month ago

Thanks for sharing

Jennifer H
Jennifer H7 months ago

On the surface it looks cute but a closer look shows more of a heartbreaking reality. I agree with Linda D.

Julie W
Julie W7 months ago

Not cute and rather boring.

Linda D
Linda D7 months ago

It looks like he is disorientated and looking at the first thing that resembles are branch, they rarely stay on the ground for long. Koala's only eat leaves from a few species of Eucalyptus Trees. Sadly they are becoming more and more desperate as housing estates keep being built and more and more tree's are cut down, they battle disease, feral animals and domestic pets. This is especially bad in NSW and Queensland. Please support the save the koala foundation: savethekoala.com
You will find all the information about koala's and their habitat on this website.

Chrissie R
Chrissie R7 months ago

Why do I find so many "Daily Cutes" not "cute" at all?

Sheila Miller
Sheila Miller7 months ago

Koala bears are so adorable! This koala with the fishing pole just made my day.
Thank you for sharing.

Victoria Salter
Victoria Salter7 months ago

I hope that there were no fish for him to catch...
Also, the koala might be suffering as well. I hadn’t thought of that until I saw Frances Bell’s comment...
If anyone can answer to either of these points, please get back to me. Thanks.

Winn A
Winn A7 months ago


Frances Bell
Frances Bell7 months ago

Poor thing was probably ill and obviously trying to find somewhere to sleep. When will people get that this isn't funny or cute - it's unbearably sad.

Erika M
Erika M7 months ago