Jim Ven
Jim Ven2 years ago

thanks for the article.

Carrie-Anne Brown

thanks for sharing :)

Mark Donners
Mark Donner3 years ago

Carol P.: I have a solution for you: pass a law against breeding farm animals by the millions to satisfy degraded humanity's appetite for flesh and murder. Then you won't have so many to take care of, problem solved.

Janice Thompson
Janice Thompson3 years ago

They are having fun!

Debbie Crowe
Debbie Crowe3 years ago

I loved seeing Sprinkles and Tim having so much fun!! I am glad they found each other!

Claudia Cavallo
Claudia Cavallo3 years ago

they are adorable, all animals should live like this, it's their right, but no we decided they deserve the hell they live

Karen H.
Karen H3 years ago

Carol P, perhaps the answer is birth control for the farm animals we choose NOT to consume. Then we won’t be spending “tons of resources” to raise those who are rescued.
These little guys are adorable.

Tricia Hamilton
Tricia Hamilton3 years ago

I love pigs they are smarter than the white trash that hurt them. Want me some!!

Bev Woodburn
Bev Woodburn3 years ago

Carol p. So what! If this is just an Animal advocacy Practice in your eyes. In my eyes they are living sentient beings who feel terror, pain, and what ever the evil human race commit against them, the same as you would feel if these atrocities were committed against you. So have a heart and think about the terror and anguish these helpless sentient beings endure just to feed the guts of people like you. I am a Vegetarian and it makes me want to puke with the atrocities committed against helpless animals and the comment you posted. Most of the human race wouldn,t know how to be humane. towards any sentient being.

Carole R.
Carole R3 years ago

Cute little fellows.