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Aww......Daddy's little girl.

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You all are ridiculously quick to judge people over a 2 minute video. I just saw this on Facebook and here's what I gathered. The dog in the crate was being trained for some dog socialization problems and that he was basically in there so he get exposure without any risk of harm to anyone. These people don't have a small house, this is just the living room which they gladly offered to help rehabilitate someone else's dog. They have 55 acres, the pup just decided the living room was the best place to rough and tumble. There are plenty of other videos of the dogs playing on the properties, in fact, this is the only one that takes place inside. The dog, Bravo, is an emotional support therapy dog, he visits at the local VA hospital and is apparently great at it as some people say they've worked with him. As for people that think you can't have a unneutered therapy dog, you should do some more research. There are tons out there, and not every stud is constantly thinking about breeding, otherwise there would be no such thing as working parents since they'd always be distracted. Finally, the crate isn't too small, the dogs ears don't even touch the top and I'm sure it isn't in there much, except while this baby is wandering around. The other one, I can't tell if it's a gate or a crate, but it stands several feet above the dog so it's clearly not too small either. Now, stop bashing good people and enjoy a father and pup moment!

Michelle Spradley

I found the puppy's play date with daddy totally adorable.

Kristina M.: How do you know the dogs in the crates are siblings to the puppy (or his daddy)? Those dogs could be new fosters just being introduced who may or may not get along well with small puppies. Keep in mind, this video is less than 2 minutes long. The other dogs may have simply been placed into their crates for this puppy's introduction/play time with daddy. Those other dogs are bigger and may have taken over play time and left the little one out in the cold. You can't really judge the family dynamics based on a Less Than 2 Minute video.

Leanne B.: As I already stated to Kristine in the comment above: You can't really judge this situation and family based on a video that is less than 2 minutes. Those other dogs are bigger than this puppy and may have stolen his thunder in his play date with daddy. The crates may well have been opened after the camera was shut off. Those other dogs may also be new to the household and were in the introduction period.

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