Dallas Community College Adds Trans Protections


Dallas Community College District trustees voted this week to add gender identity and expression to existing nondiscrimination policies.

During their monthly meeting on Tuesday trustees voted to amend three policies, one that covers employees and two others that protect students, adding wording into the college’s nondiscrimination policy and the student code of conduct.

Via the Dallas Voice:

After five speakers addressed the board and another five were scheduled to speak, board Chair Jerry Prater told the crowd that attended to support the policy, “We have gotten your message loud and clear.”

The protections passed by a vote of four to one. Trustee Bill Metzger was the only one to vote against the changes. Two trustees were absent, but would have probably voted for passage, according to staff who had worked on the measures.

[Read more from the Dallas Voice here.]

More from a separate Dallas Voice article that has further details:

When the board was briefed on the policy in October, some members said they thought amending the nondiscrimination statement was unnecessary because it was covered by sexual orientation, and because the city of Dallas prohibits discrimination. Although only two of the system’s colleges are located within the city of Dallas, the school’s attorney argued that the entire system was covered by the ordinance because the district’s headquarters is located in Dallas.

Confusion about the definition of sexual orientation stemmed from the wording in the 2002 Dallas ordinance. The city regulation only lists sexual orientation but the definition of the term within the ordinance includes gender identity.

But the city ordinance specifically exempts other governmental bodies. DCCCD is its own taxing authority and is, therefore, exempt from city regulations.

This change makes DCCCD the third community college in the state to add trans protections. The others include San Jacinto College and Houston Community College.

LGBT rights and ensuring LGBT students know they will be protected from discrimination and accepted regardless of their orientation or gender identity has become a prominent talking point for several education establishments over the past few years.

For instance, Harvard University has said that in order to better understand its students and match them with applicable resources it may start asking applicants if they are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.

Chicago’s Elmhurst College, a liberal arts facility, is believed to be the first college to ask applicants the optional question regarding LGBT identity.


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Jim Richards
Jim Richards6 years ago

Great! Just hope others follow

Jane Barton
Jane Barton6 years ago

You got that right, we are born innocent and brainwashed by our religious and male dominated upbringing. That's where all attitudes originate. Well said, everybody has been duped and fooled. The Pope, however, still keeps this gay bashing going and I'm really surprised why this old cob web mouth, nightgown dressing, former Natzi youth doesn't give it up. This has really gotten OLD and is not progressive at all. No one should EVER be discriminated against because of their sexual orientation because it has been PROVEN that all of us are born with our sexual orientation. Furthermore it's nobody's business either. Nobody has the right to snoop in anybody else's bedroom or anybody's sex life. The Catholics, Christians and Muslims are really OBSESSED with everybody's SEX LIFE and have the NERVE to think they can tell people when, where, how and why to have sex. All these religions FORBID just about every kind of sex so maybe that's why religious people
are always sneaking around doing it so much and so snoopy about every else's sex life.
What a bunch of sexually repressed, sick people. Religions make people twisted.

Tanya K.
Tanya K6 years ago

there are more harmful things than people looking out for each other. like hateful destructive people. hate is a false emotion created by influence. when you were born did you have discrimination toward anything? no. you have been brainwashed, duped and fooled. do not be angry, just change and learn to love again. once you do, you will never go back. you never see the bad guy in stories learn his lesson of love and go back to being a bad guy. once in the light always in the light. it feels so much better to love and it is literally better for your health:)

George Marshall
George Marshall6 years ago

I welcome the day when this is not news, but the norm. All people need to be treated equally under the law and accepted social norms.

John Mansky
John Mansky6 years ago

" No Comment"..

Yvette T.
Past Member 6 years ago

Yeehaw. People who perceive themselves as superior to any other life are vainly ignorant. Those who judge others without having opened their spiritual eye and ears cause such great harm to all life on this planet. Those souls who agree to come into this material world and who embrace a body that is a more equal blend of both genders represent the genderless spirit we all are in every level of consciousness, despite the poor sight of the people who will be surrounding them throughout their lives, are very brave and deserve admiration. This is true for those who enter into every type of body, human and animal that is prone to be viewed as "less than and therefore at our mercy to ridicule, judge, kill, taunt, control, steal from, dispose of...". Genocides and exterminations stem from limited perceptions and vilest ignorance, self-centered judgmental thinking. Harkening back to days prior to the invasion of Europeans onto these continents, spiritual wisdom had a place of honor for all members of society. It was not until religious judgment was promoted that people were forced to feel ostracized and ashamed, which is in no way spiritual or intelligent.

Marilyn L.
Marilyn L6 years ago

Welcome news.

Leslea Herber
Leslea Herber6 years ago

This is excellent news. It's about time more institutions said no to such outrageous discrimination.

Robert O.
Robert O6 years ago

Kath N. obviously you're one of those intolerant bigots that believes that gay and transgendered people are less deserving than others of equal rights and human rights. Allow me shed some light into an obviously dark area for you: regardless of sexual orientation and gender they ARE human beings and deserve respect and protection from discrimination.

James Campbell
James Campbell6 years ago

Kath N.

Kath N,


I am puzzled here. What has bestiality and paedophilia got to do with transsexual and transgender people? Perhaps you can enlighten me as in my profession (a doctor working with young people some of whom are trans) I have never encountered any link at all.