Dance Mob Embodies Occupy Movement [VIDEO]

Last November 19, a group of over 100 dancers converged on Oakland’s Frank Ogawa Plaza  to dance their solidarity with the Occupy movement. Dancing without Borders organized the dance flash mob, which included a mini drama featuring a momentarily tense, then peaceful encounter between a stereotypical white man in a power suit, representing the 1 percent, moved to action first by a young girl and then by an African American man, whom he ends up embracing:

Dancing without Borders created a “do it yourself video” to explain the steps and the story arc, that can inspire other groups to recreate the choreography (to Black Eyed Peas’ “Where is the Love?”):

It’s been said that revolutionaries  lack a sense of humor, but the dance mob demonstrates the power of joy and light heartedness in the pursuit of positive change.The statement on Dancing without Borders’ website reads:  “By celebrating life, community and peace through music, conscious dance, we ignite our light within, inspire each other and renew our spirit as a collective.”  Group movement has been a vital part of ritual since prehistoric times; why not revive it during these days?

The holidays and other world events (not to mention the winter weather) may draw attention away from the Occupy efforts Yet an extraordinary list of Occupy actions still going on is gathered on the Occupy Together website. From Yerevan, Armenia to Bartlesville, Oklahoma, along with Occupy Namibia, Pakistan and Casper, Wyoming, it is amazing to witness a global movement for peace, justice and equality. However the Occupy movement changes in coming months, there is no denying that we have been living in an extraordinary moment of hope.



Image: Still from One People Flash Mob video via YouTube


Martha Eberle
Martha Eberle5 years ago

Enjoyed that very much -- the man in the business suit was part of it of course, but made a good point in the discussion.

Irene S.
Irene S5 years ago

THIS WAS AWESOME. Unlike some other flash mobs, it had a strong message to get across. Well done!

Lori E.
Lori E6 years ago

I hope it continues. Government officials around the world can't not take notice that the majority of it's people want/need a change and are tired of how things are going. If not, then I hope the next election shows HUGE changes throughout the world. I mean seriously, there's millions of people protesting and the governments won't make an effort to make changes? That's sounds pretty stupid to me. This is how revolutions start.

Vivianne Mosca-Clark

A great way to show solidarity with all of the people....100%.

Vivianne Mosca-Clark

A great way to show solidarity with all of the people....100%.

Giovanni S.
Giovanni S.6 years ago

I couldn't agree more with "Glenn M." It's sad that instead of these U.S. corporations investing in thier own country by employing U.S. citizen they would rather outsource employment to save themselves money. This country is going down the toilet slowly and it seems like there are more people (In position of power) that would rather sit back and watch it all burn than help our economy. Bring American jobs back to America! Produce/Manufacture more in America for America!
Also I'm all for helping out people especially if it's for work but outsourcing customer service departments to ANY OTHER COUNTRY is about as useful as a hole in the head, especially when the purpose is for customer service and the employees have not perfected the english language.

Eric Lees
Eric Lees6 years ago

Nice, now they need to solidify their goals if they want to remain relevant. But they still seem to be confused.

Return the power to the people.
End the FED!

Vote Ron Paul 2012!

Diane Stollger
Diane Stollger6 years ago

Thanks, love it!

Craig Gosling
Craig Gosling6 years ago

It brought tears to my eyes. Thanks

Nadu B.
Victoria B6 years ago

I wish I could see that in person.