Dead and Deformed Sea Creatures Point to BP Oil Spill


Fishermen and scientists operating in the northern Gulf of Mexico are noting huge numbers of deformed sea creatures, including eyeless shrimp, clawless crabs and fish damaged by lesions, along with high rates of dolphin stranding in the Gulf near the area of the BP Oil spill of 2010. Fishing industry workers are also observing declining numbers of key species two years after the Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded and the release of some 4.9 million barrels of oil followed by the application of †hundreds of thousands of †gallons of chemical dispersant.

Disturbing images in the video report below from Al Jazeera English show the deformed sea creatures and scientists’ concern for damage to species health, biodiversity and the food chain:

Dolphin Strandings Skyrocket, Ill Health Observed

Comprehensive physicals of 32 live dolphins from the northern Gulf of Mexico area, Bataria Bay, showed† that many of the dolphins examined are “underweight, anemic, have low blood sugar and/or some symptoms of liver and lung disease. Nearly half also have abnormally low levels of the hormones that help with stress response, metabolism and immune function.” In addition, NOAA has declared and unusual mortality event (UME) because more than 675 dolphins have stranded themselves in the norther Gulf area, up from an average of 74 strandings per year.

NOAA reports, “NOAA and its state and federal partners are researching multiple ways Gulf dolphins may have been exposed to oil, including through ingestion, inhalation or externally. Dolphins could have routinely ingested oil from sediments or water while feeding or by eating whole fish, including internal organs and fluids such as liver and bile, which can harbor chemical contaminants.”

Earlier this year the FDA assured us that Gulf seafood was safe to eat. However, there are other concerns beyond simple immediate human consumption needs. The number, health, and population numbers of the †species affects the food chain and ultimately the balance of the entire ecosystem.

Besides the known toxicity of oil, the dispersant Corexit is also suspected to harm life when used in vast amounts. One year after the spill, scientists found that Corexit, which was supposed to degrade soon after application, was still present in the water three months after application. Some 771,000 gallons of the dispersant Corexit were used to break down the oil into smaller droplets.

The news comes as BP†announced that is has finalized a $7.8 billion settlement agreement with some 100,000 plaintiff individuals and businesses †from the Gulf area harmed by the oil spill and its aftermath. It is†one of the largest class action settlements in U.S. history. One thing we can be sure of: no amount of dollars will help the the shrimp, dolphins and other †species that are suffering the dire consequences of the disaster two years on.


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Image of eyeless shrimp. Still from Al Jazeera video via YouTube (embedded above)


john byrne
john byrne4 years ago

Every time I see an oil related story be it b.p./ exxon or any of the other bunch only one thing springs to mind, J.R. EWING now he gave us an insight, be it movie related however was it the arts copying reality.oil companies dont give a toss about the environment only how many barrels & how soon. its up to us to SINK THEM.

Carole Di Tosti Ph D

Corexit is a toxic chemical. It's worse than the oil which is an organic product...of course, horrible as it spills in great quantities which it did. The govt. cover up is demonic. It covered up the extent of the spill. It covered up the toxic problems with the corexit. The govt. is a shill for global corporations. It covers up with regard to much of the impact of corporations on the environment...and when it comes to $$$ you know who wins out. YOU HAVE TO FIGHT FOR JUSTICE. It covered up the impact of agent orange used to destroy the foliage in the jungle warfare during the Viet Nam war. Many soldiers died of cancer related to agent orange. EPA Christine Todd Whitman lied and there was a cover up about the toxic impact of the twin towers being blown up (take a good look at some of the videos out there) and coming down as they did, filled with asbestos and then the fires burning and the disintegration, yes disintegration of pulverized....hmmm and left big chunks. Hmmm. People breathed that in and our now suffering and dying. Finally, they acknowledged something happened...duh. First they denied it. On and on the Gulf War Syndrome. They denied that it existed at first (First Gulf War)...they lied. Then finally they admitted the area was very dangerous to go in and clean up after SH set fire to the oil wells. So...that is just a tiny bit of the lying and the cover-ups...presidents have been assassinated. The real assassins and causes are never truly revealed. On

Duane B.
.4 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

Terry V.
Terry V5 years ago


federico bortoletto
federico b5 years ago

Schifosamente brutto..

Randeep c.
5 years ago

most of the times they forget to mention that the lawyers take most of the disbursements given by any company that was sued. I'd like to know how much of this disbursement went to the legal eagles who brought this case against the oil company. Secondly, I'd like to know how much of this money is actually going to rehbilitate the "REAL" victims- the ones who had to swim in, inhale & ingest the oil. And that does not include any species based on land.
I bet plenty of NGOs are queing up to get some of that Fat kitty into their accounts.
FYI- did you know that those charity stores where you drop of your pre loved stuff...they sell those things and by law are supposed to give ONLY 15% (max) of their earnings towards the charity that they advertise to get your money, clothes , furniture etc
In other words a full barrel donated to most charities , towards the end, uses may be a dropper's worth towards the charities that they profess working towards. It is a serious issue which is running under the radar of the govts. and it is upto us to ask the charity/ngo as to how much % of our money ultmately reaches the final pupose.
Love you care2 and mostly would love to petition the Nobel prize association to award Kathleen a Nobel award for bring more awareness to respect,love and making a bridge between all the wonderful creatures that call this Planet -Home

Linda Jarsky
Linda Jarsky5 years ago

"If you have men who will exclude any of God's creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men. ---St. Francis of Assisi..."

Christina B.
Christina B5 years ago

A very informative video (with excellent articulation -- very important for us, non-English native speakers!).

I don't drive, but my bf does and we have been boycotting BP for years.

Michael C.
Michael C5 years ago

Before any of you step forward to complain about BP, I asked that you park your car, put on a sweater, walk to the farm to buy your food. After all, w/o petroleum there would be no transportation...or do we have an alternative?

Possibly, the answer is blowing in the wind or it lies some 93 million miles away.

Anita Wischhusen
Anita Wisch5 years ago

What a shock! (not really)..........