Death of Evidence: Government Ignores Scientists and Risks Public Health

Ignoring the advice of its own advisory panel, Health Canada will not renew monitoring of trans-fat levels in processed foods. The panel advised that the monitoring be renewed and that manufacturers be warned that regulations will come if trans-fat levels are not reduced.

The panel made these recommendations after officials at Health Canada requested that they look into the matter.

In 2009, there were plans for regulation of trans-fats but Leona Aglukkaq, the Health Minister, killed them and ignore department officials who told her that with such regulations, the government would actually save money.

Another case of the Harper government ignoring experts to suit themselves, another case where a program that would still be beneficial has been deemed to have ‘run its course.’

Libby Davies, Official Opposition Health Critic, said the move would make it harder for families to ensure they are feeding their families healthfully.

“This is a worrying trend we’re seeing with the Minister of Health.  The Minister has already dropped the ball on a variety of food safety issues – from sodium to energy drinks to food labelling,”said Davies in a press release. “Conservative inaction on important food issues is putting the health of Canadians at risk.”

Davies’ party, the NDP, gathered all party support in 2004 on the issue of limiting trans-fats in food, but the Conservative government, in power since 2006, have not taken any steps toward that goal. Davies argues that the Harper government is listening to the concerns of manufacturers who would be forced to make major changes ahead of individual Canadians.

Studies across the world are showing that banning or limiting trans-fats in food can improve the overall health of a population. A study by the World Health Organization found that government policies that ban trans-fats, reduce saturated fats and salt in food can cut the number of deaths related to cardiovascular disease by 20 percent.

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Magda F.
Magda F5 years ago

do your homework and educate yourself....stay away of junk foods

John Hutcheson
John Hutcheson5 years ago

If you look around to the back of the ministers gimp mask - you'll find a chain to leading to the food industry. :)

Debbie L.
Debbie Lim5 years ago

Stay away from processed food.

Heather Marvin
Heather Marvin5 years ago

Trans fats are dangerous and every Govt should be responsible enough to care about what their people eat.

Lynn Squance
Lynn Squance5 years ago

"Davies’ party, the NDP, gathered all party support in 2004 on the issue of limiting trans-fats in food, but the Conservative government, in power since 2006, have not taken any steps toward that goal. ... Harper government is listening to the concerns of manufacturers ... ahead of individual Canadians."

Yup! That's Harper and his harlots, Republican wannabes! Does this surprise me --- NO! Harper only listens to his own machinations and is trying to change Canada by stealth into his own vision, for the worse. He was elected with a 39.6% popular vote so does not truly represent the people despite his statements otherwise. For me, by watching US politics here at Care2, I am becoming aware of Canadian politics and issues. Either that or it is my age!

Thanks Pam W for your good words"...I always look to Canada as a beacon of what can be done correctly!" I hope we can get rid of Harper and restore some sanity and goodness to government.

@ Michele J --- Canada's healthcare is not free but it is universal. Very different. It is paid by provincial medical insurance and tax dollars.

Taylor Hobmeier
Taylor Hobmeier5 years ago


Michele J.
Michele Jones5 years ago

Interesting move to control the population? Canadians have a difficult time getting preventitive testing because of their free health care system, so I would imagine there a lot of people dropping dead of heart attacks when an angioplasty could have extended their life for years, had they known an artery was clogged. So the government rules: Let them unknowlingly consume transfat!!

Wow. Just wow.

So........why does Health Canada have an advisory panel??

Jane Warren
Jane Warren5 years ago

The problem with the next election is that it might be too late.

Magyar Girl
Past Member 5 years ago


Florence Eaise
Florence E5 years ago

The more unspeakable things i find out about our government the more involved in polotics i get, our votes are our voices! So please educate yourself on thoses running thanks for the posting