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Death of Evidence: PM Calls Young Activists ‘Uninformed’

Death of Evidence: PM Calls Young Activists ‘Uninformed’

He’s got a Natural Resources Minister who calls environmentalists radicals and denies climate change is an issue. His Minister for the Environment who told the Rio+20 conference that some ecologists are spreading misinformation and promoting their own agenda. His government is known for putting big industry first in the name of the precious economy.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is no friend to the environment.

Now the PM has declared that young Canadians who are the most vocal in fighting for good environmental policy are ‘not well informed.’ The comment comes from an internal memo access by Postmedia News. Directed to Guy Saint-Jacques right after he was named ‘chief negotiator and ambassador for climate change’ by the Harper government in 2010.

The memo seems to imply that young activists can be ignored because they tend to “engage” only at large summits and in public advocacy.

Meanwhile at Rio+20, Canada and Venezuela combined to block attempts to limit government subsidies to the oil and gas industry. This is, of course, after Canada announced it was dropping out of Kyoto.

It has gotten so difficult for environmentalists to approach the federal government for change that many have given up and are trying to talk to the provinces. It seems as though Canada’s reputation on environmental issues will continue to deteriorate until 2015 when the next federal election is set to take place.

With many areas of the country seeing an early spring, record temperatures and drought conditions, perhaps by 2015 more Canadians will be convinced that climate change is an important issue for the federal government to focus on.

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10:26AM PDT on Aug 16, 2012

He's just saying what his supporters tell him to say. Sadly for all of us, money rules.

6:26PM PDT on Aug 10, 2012

Harpers problem is that he wants, and is locked on to, what worked 100 years ago and will give big business a quick buck now. Short term vision.
What we need is to build the future economy, a sustainable economy.
That is where the argument needs to go. The quick big business buck destroys the future economic and social potential of everything in it's path. Air, water, trees, soil, animals, etc. all have to be looked at as resources that are more valuable than oil, gas, etc.
The stone, iron and bronze ages didn't end because we ran out of rocks, iron and bronze!
How he can sell himself as the guy best for the economy is totally beyond me. As the stock market was crashing in 2008 he told Canadians it was a good time to buy stocks.
Seems that I'm one of the few that remembers that.

4:37AM PDT on Aug 9, 2012

If Harper says the activists are uninformed, does that imply that he's "well-informed'. Apparently, he thinks so. So let's see his arguments. We'll dissect them point by point. My guess is that's what he's afraid of. His arguments are not open for discussion.

2:22AM PDT on Aug 9, 2012

"... Minister for the Environment ... told that ... some ecologists are spreading misinformation and promoting their own agenda" --

Yeah, like Babyjabs is making "misleading" claims about the vaccine-autism link.

7:05PM PDT on Aug 8, 2012

dirty Government? Well, who would have thought? (sarcasm)

6:51PM PDT on Aug 8, 2012

(Never mind, the name issue appears to be corrected now, though not sure what the heck happened or keeps happening...)

6:50PM PDT on Aug 8, 2012


In particular, he points to one voter whose name was quietly dropped, without explanation, from Elections Canada's list of newly-discovered "valid" voters. That, he suspects, is because the same name occurs twice among those who cast ballots.
"We've since found that one individual slipped off the list and it appears that person voted twice," says Wrzesnewskyj.
That should have been disclosed, he says — although, in a second case, it was: a small footnote on the Elections Canada's chart concedes that two other names also appear to be the same person.
Wrzesnewskyj finds it even stranger that, in the very same polling station, Elections Canada provided 26 names of voters whose names had been "found" on the voters' list. On closer examination, 17 of those 26 names are actually registered in other ridings — as far from Etobicoke as Niagara Falls and Jonquière, Que. That means they could not have cast valid votes in Etobicoke.
Besides that, says Wrzesnewskyj, Elections Canada seems to have "found" all these names by trying multiple different spellings, sometimes changing several letters before finding a match.
That, at least, does seem to have been disclosed to the Supreme Court — if the justices can read it. In very small letters, a note appears next to eight names, saying, "Handwriting difficult to make out. Many iterations of name were tried."
What the court did not hear is that some of these alternative spellings produced a match with

6:47PM PDT on Aug 8, 2012

Elections Canada CORRUPTED!

Liberal Borys Wrzesnewskyj is not waiting for the Supreme Court's decision before firing another volley in his battle over last year's election in Etobicoke Centre.
The court is expected to rule next week on whether Tory MP Ted Opitz can keep the seat which he won by just 26 votes. Either way, though, Wrzesnewskyj says "difficult questions" surround what he calls "problematic" new evidence presented to the court at the last minute by Elections Canada.
The former Liberal MP alleges that the agency failed to mention relevant facts which should have been disclosed to the justices. For example, he says, Elections Canada argued that many voters whose ballots were rejected by the lower court because of missing paperwork were really valid, because their names had since turned up on the voters' list.
What wasn't mentioned, Wrzesnewskyj says, was that nearly half of these were on the list in other ridings — not in Etobicoke Centre.
In April, Wrzesnewskyj persuaded Judge Thomas Lederer of the Ontario Superior Court to throw out the election results because of 79 ballots which he ruled invalid. In many cases, Judge Lederer found that registration certificates, by which voters get added to the list of qualified electors, were missing or never existed.
Opitz appealed the ruling to the Supreme Court, which came back from its summer

6:46PM PDT on Aug 8, 2012


Generally speaking the taking on of massive debt by the Western democracies in order to hand over huge sums to the world’s largest financial institutions represents history’s most substantial transfer of wealth ever from those at the bottom and middle to those at the top of the global socio-economic pyramid. The causes of the financial debacle lie in the overzealous application of the rhetoric of deregulation as advanced by the government of the Ronald Reagan and his worldwide circle of devotees including Stephen Harper, Tom Flanagan and the other technicians of the unite-the-right movement in Canada.

The massive transfer of wealth from the future earnings of taxpayers to the big financial institutions in Canada represents the formalization of a kind of socialism for the most entitled branches of society. This application of corporatist principles epitomizes a kind of Keynesianism for those at the top to be followed by programs of government austerity to pay down the debt incurred in the bailouts. The obvious injustices and inconsistencies in this government catering to the demands of the rich at the expense of the other 99% of society helped to make 2011 a year of major transnational protest. In this protest millions of citizens demonstrated their loss of confidence in politics as usual, including in the institution of political change through the agency of ballot boxes. They demonstrated the view that that the political system as presently const

6:45PM PDT on Aug 8, 2012


The fact that the Thunder Bay detachment of the RCMP did nothing in response to the allegations made by Degagné and the other call centre operators who passed on their accusations only adds to the mounting evidence that something is drastically wrong with the leadership of the federal police force. The Mounties, it seems, have again and again shown themselves to be so thoroughly politicized and so preoccupied at times in covering up evidence of their own forays into the dark side of the law that they presently retain little credibility as a genuine agency of disinterested law enforcement. The Mounties have allowed themselves to become the political enforcers of their government paymasters. ...

(My interjection: regarding the next few paragraphs, one can also see why Romney in the US thinks a hostile take-over of the United States fits his business model... although who will he sell the US to at a profit, once it's collapsed under the debt load he'd profit from, under this model?)

...As prime minister, Stephen Harper was hit by the great financial debacle of 2008 and 2009. Its causes are widely attributed to the extreme excesses in the deregulation of Wall Street’s financial institutions. This deregulation applied the rhetoric of Ronald Reagan and Milton Friedman in ways that essentially extended to large banks virtual licenses to steal based on the mass marketing of derivative products that lacked sustainable value.[cx]

In the election s

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